Medical Administrative Assistant Salary

Work Experience Medical administrative assistants with less than one year of experience averaged hourly rates of $8.71 to $12.02 as of December 2009, or $18,116 to $25,001 per year based on a 40-hour workweek, according to After 20 years of experience or more, assistants earned $13.30 to $16.87 per hour, or annual salaries of $27,664 to $35,090. Education Medical administrative assistants with only a high school diploma earned the lowest hourly rates at $9.85, while assistants who held certificates from medical assistant training programs earned one of the highest starting salaries at $10.98, as of December 2009, according to information posted on Based on a 40-hour workweek, that equals $20,488 per year and $22,838 per year, respectively. Employer Type At average hourly rates of $16.16 or annual salaries of $33,612, medical administrative assistants who work for state or local government-run facilities earned the highest maximum salaries as of December 2009, reports Those who worked in hospitals earned average maximum rates of $14.70 per hour, while those who worked at private practices averaged maximums of $14.55 per hour. Geography As of December 2009, medical administrative assistants living in California earned the highest wages at $11.16 to $16.03 per hour, or $23,212 to $33,342 per year, according to Other states where assistants earned relatively high pay rates were New York, Texas and Illinois. Benefits In addition to their wages, medical administrative assistants may also receive benefits that increase their overall compensation. Among these benefits are paid vacation, paid holidays and sick leave, 401k retirement plans and life and disability insurance.

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