About Medical Billing & Coding Jobs at Home

By Sabah Karimi

  • Overview

    Physicians who need to process insurance paperwork work with certified medical billers to ensure that all billing and coding procedures have been followed and that the claims are submitted in a timely manner. Medical billing and coding specialists can offer these services from their home office and typically complete a specialized training program to learn the skills and knowledge necessary to perform essential job functions.
  • Significance

    Over 5 billion health insurance claims in the United States are submitted each year to health insurance companies, and medical billing and coding specialists are responsible for processing these claims on behalf of a physician or medical facility. Medical billing and coding specialists who work from home may use specialized software programs and web-based portals to transmit this information to an insurance provider and are also responsible for keeping track of claims, communicating with health care facilities and clients and using national coding standards. This highly specialized field of the health care industry makes medical billing and coding one of the fastest growing occupations in the United States.
  • Function

    Medical billing and coding specialists who work from home must learn how to use specific coding protocol when filling out forms, understand how HMO and PPO contracts work and process claims with the right physician credentials and reimbursement details. Medical billing and coding specialists may work as independent contractors or work with a medical billing firm in their area. When they are working from home, they need access to an Internet connection and a telephone system. They may also need to use specialized software programs and databases to perform their reporting procedures.
  • Features

    Medical billing and coding specialists are responsible for translating medical terminology, identifying ICD-9 and ICD-10 coded billing statements, entering patient information into databases, mailing patients' billing statements and following up with customers and insurance companies to ensure that all materials have been received on time. Specialists who work from a home office may need to use a fax machine and e-mail on a regular basis to correspond with doctors, insurance companies and clients.
  • Education

    Medical billing and coding training programs are available at vocational and technical colleges and also online at through a variety of online learning and training institutes. Successful completion of the specialized courses may lead to certification, a diploma or an associate's degree in the field. Courses may include medicare overview, legal issues, medical biller duties, medical billing certification preparation, types of health insurance, hospital billing processes and procedures and analyzing patient and providing information.
  • Considerations

    Working from home offers several advantages, but medical billing and coding specialists must have strong computer and technical skills to be able to work independently and perform each task with accuracy. Some companies offer specialized training so that the coding specialist feels confident using a web-based platform for reporting or when using various software programs.
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