How To Meet People In Bars And Clubs

Approaching people in a bar or club is not as difficult as you think it is. Try these simple guidelines and pointers.

Lots of people enjoy going out to bars and clubs to dance the night away or relax after a long workweek.Others go with hopes of a chance meeting with their possible soul mate or maybe just company for the night.Regardless of what your intentions or expectations are when you walk in the door, here are a few tips for meeting the person that catches your eye.

Be comfortable with who you are.If you don't believe that you're a special catch, than how do you expect others to see that in you?

Be a little flirtatious.The old stand by of catching someone's eye and smiling coyly seems to work quite often for letting someone know you are approachable.Smiling will only make you feel happier and also make those around you feel happier. Happiness attracts and people will want to get to know you.

Be bold.Do something out of the ordinary.If you have never sent a man a drink before than order him one and have the waiter or bartender send it to him with a small note on a napkin inviting him to join you.If the guy with the flower basket frequents the establishment then send a rose.Men almost never get flowers.If you truly want to make a lasting impression, don't be shy.

Show a little confidence.Nothing will ever work without it. Start off slowly. You have to let people know that you are approachable without seeming overly confident.That can be a turn off to someone who is not quite where you are.You don't want to go and grab hold of a person and lay one on them but you don't want to stare at your shoes the whole time someone is trying to hold a conversation with you either.Try finding a happy medium.Practicing on people you are acquainted with or observing others who appear outgoing and taking a few pointers from their actions.But always keep in mind, if the two of you just don't click or they turn out to be a dud, don't push it either way.There usually are quite a few people around to talk with, don't limit yourself to just one person if your noble advance is turned down.

Just say Hello!Having been a bartender for several years there isn't a pick up line that I haven't heard.More often than not they do not work.Saying hello or asking someone to dance or how their day was is simple but works to open the door to a more "meaningful" conversation.

Dress appropriately.If you're going to a country western bar wearing an evening gown may be a bit extreme.If you look good and are dressed sexy but not to overly sexy than your more apt to have others want to get to know you and feel comfortable approaching you.

Complement them on something.If you want to say hi but are not sure where to go from there try telling them that you think they are beautiful, have a nice smile, or you like their outfit - just don't lay it on too thick.

Mannerisms never hurt.If you approach someone and they turn you down don't embarrass them or yourself by saying or doing something that you wouldn't do in front of your mother.Politely say thank you and move on.You never know who might be watching you.

Patience is a virtue.By no means should you sit in the corner and bide your time waiting for prince or princess charming.Take your evening in stride.You will eventually come across that someone who is worth a dance or a phone number exchange.

Just be you.

Keep in mind that more than likely others are there for the same reason you are regardless of what your purpose for the evening is.Just be yourself, there is always someone closer than you think that wants to meet you.

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