Memories In The Making: The Family

Family time is special. We make memories, but they are often forgotten. Here are some ideas to do to make a family memory, as well as, ways to capture the memory in time.

Family time is the most special of all times. In today's society, especially, it seems that family time is even more rare and precious. We make family memories, but they are often forgotten. What was little John's first words? Who started that watermelom fight at the Fourth of July picnic? How many times do you wish you had a camera? How many times do you wish you could remember that moment so long ago, more vividly?

Here are some suggestions for making family time and ways to capture family memories in time.

Places to go, things to do as a family:

-a family picnic, in the back yard or at the Fourth of July Fair, it doesn't matter, where, a picnic as a family is a wonderful way to make a memory. Be sure to bring plenty of watermelon and chocolate cake, fresh strawberries, fried chicken and egg salad, homemade cookies and lemonade!

-the beach, this is always a family favorite, dad flipping the kids off of his shoulders, mom watching adoringly from under the umbrella, while preparing snacks for hungry fish kids, looking for pretty shells, building world famous sand castles!

-a family drive, down to the lake, around town, to the ocean or to see the country side, bring along drinks and perhaps snacks, talk, take it slow, no rush, point out interesting, beautiful or educational things.

Other family time favorites include:

-Building a snowman


-Thanksgiving dinner, carving the turkey

-Christmas, caroling, finding and cutting the tree, lights, decorating the tree, opening gifts, playing Santa

-Easter egg hunt, dying the eggs

-other religious traditions

-watching football games


-going to the movies

-going out to eat

-family reunions

-family board game night


-family vacations (Disneyland, the Grand Canyon, etc)

-Sunday dinners

-sharing music (like if the family plays musical instruments)

-fishing trips

-grocery shopping



-family dinner

-any family traditions

-reading to the kids

-making home made ice cream

-any firsts (such as first words, first bicycle ride, first driving lesson, first tooth, first flying trip, etc

-championship games

-driving lesson

-sewing lesson

-music lessons

-dance rehearsals or pageants

-look for and capture those quiet special moments, such as a child talking to her doll or the wonder in a child's eyes when they blow bubbles)



-first date

-first car


-proms, dances

-family biking



Ways to capture the memories: (do all of these)

-make a scrap book

-buy momentos

- take pictures, record names, dates and a brief description of each pic

- take booth pics at a mall or restaurant

- have your faces put on t-shirts

-have a silouette done

-don't just take serious sitting or standing photos, take funny pictures, the thrill of the moment, and action pictures are great!

-family photos


-journal, write down everything you can remember about each special event

- make a collage of pictures

-keep a poloroid handy

-cassette player, record words, etc

-save homemade cards

-monogram or engrave special gifts for personalizing

Keep extra batteries and film in the house at all times

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