Memory Keepsakes For Baby

Instructions for making two special memory keepsakes for your baby. Will also include which keepsakes you can buy.

If you are like most parents, after your baby is born, you will want to savior as many precious memories as possible. A baby book is an excellent place to start. You will want one that has a place to capture every detail of your baby's life. Most also have room for a few photos to go along with your memories. Now baby books are good for details, but what about everything else you want to save like the hundreds of shower cards, welcome cards, and christening cards that you have received or the other few hundred pictures that you have taken? You don't want to just throw them in anything ordinary, you want these memories to stand out and attract attention.

There are a few beautiful keepsakes that you can buy. These can be found in the baby sections of most department stores.

1. Pewter Scroll Birth Certificate Holder- You can roll up your baby's birth certificate and keep it safe in this beautiful unbreakable holder. It's design includes storks, and the words birth certificate etched in calligraphy.

2. Pewter Video Tape Box- Have your baby's name and birth date engraved on this box. The velvet lined inside can hold a VHS tape contain the precious footage of your child. It's design includes storks and the words Baby's First Video etched in calligraphy.

3. Sterling Silver Charm Bracelet- A charm for every milestone your child reaches can be purchased separately and added to the bracelet.

If you want to create your own keepsake for your memories, then these ideas should appeal to you. They are fun to make and won't cost you a lot of money.

1. Memory Box

-Take a photo box, whichever size you want, and decorate it with fabric, lace, some photos, or whatever you want. Let you imagination go wild! You can keep the inside as it is and just fill it with cards and photos or you can add some smaller boxes in it to separate some memories. In these smaller boxes, you could store your baby's first pair of shoes, a piece of a favorite old blanket or a pacifier.

2. Photo Collage

- It's hard to appreciate good photos when they are tucked away in an album or photo box. Especially your favorite photos! So take those favorite photos and leave them out in the open. Take poster board (whichever size will fit the frame you picked out) and arrange your photos all over the poster board. Let them overlap, cut them into various shapes and sizes and just be creative. Cover the entire poster board. Then frame the poster board covered with photos and hang it where it is sure to be noticed.

NOTE: If you don't want to ruin the backs of your photos, don't use tape or glue, use fun tac. It's completely risk-free and you can rearrange the photos without worrying about ruining the backs or the poster board!

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