Mens Fashion Tips: 10 Must-Knows For Teenage Boys

Teenage boys have enough to deal with without having to stress over fashion do's and do not's. Following ten simple rules will help to make sure that fashion slip-ups are avoided.

Growth spurts...acne...squeaking voices...teenage boys have enough to deal with without stressing over the do's and don'ts of fashion.Adhering to a few simple rules will make the road to manhood a little smoother by eliminating a few of the questions that teenage boys harbor regarding fashion.

The following ten tips are general rules of thumb that should always be followed to ensure the avoidance of fashion slip-ups:

1. The first rule to being fashionable is to find clothing that fits into your comfort zone.If you don't feel good in it, chances are that you won't look that good in it, either.Next, find a signature style.If you have a certain outfit that you feel you look your best in, stock up on other pieces in that style.

2.Don't be afraid to break away from the norm every once in a while.If you usually wear jeans and a tee-shirt to school every day, mix it up once a week by wearing khakis and a polo shirt.Wearing the same style every day will cause you to blend into the crowd, but varying your style just a little will keep it interesting.

3.Don't follow trends too closely.A trend is defined as what is popular at a certain time, but that time is usually a short one.Chances are, those lime green cargo pants that were super hot this month will be out of style in two month's time.

4.Always dress appropriately for the occasion and situation that you are in.While jeans and a tee-shirt might be suitable for school, they won't necessarily fly when attending a church service or club banquet.Khakis and a button-down shirt would probably be a more appropriate choice.On the flip side, don't overdress for more casual affairs.It will seem as though you are trying too hard.You wouldn't want to show up to a pre-game tailgate party in a jacket and tie because it would most definitely look out of place.

5.Matching is very important. Make sure that the colors of your clothing match.Don't mix patterns.For example, don't wear plaids and stripes together.If you are wearing a patterned shirt, always pair it with plain pants to avoid clashing.Also, match your belt to your shoes, generally brown with brown or black with black.

6. Don't be sloppy.Make sure that all clothing items, even tee-shirts, are wrinkle-free.Also, always tuck in your shirt tails when wearing a tie.Sagging pants are not attractive.No matter how fashionable it may seem, no one - not even teenage girls - wants to see your underpants.Invest in - and wear - a belt.

7.For special occasions, find an oxford or button-down shirt that fits correctly in the neck.Ask an associate at your local department store to measure your neck to get a good fit.The top button of your shirt should always be buttoned when you wear a tie.Also, choose a tie that falls to the top of your belt line.Styles that fall short of this point tend to look silly. When tucking in shirts, be sure to pull them out just a bit so that they blouse slightly over the waistline of your pants.

8.When wearing shorts, wear ankle socks or slouched higher socks.Do not pull longer socks up the calf.Also, don't pair sandals with socks...ever.This is a big fashion faux pas.

9.Stay away from tapered-leg pants.They usually tend to look outdated and old-fashioned.Choose wide-leg or boot-cut styles for a more up-to-date look. Find jeans and other pants that sit at the base of your natural waistline.Pants that are hiked above the waist bring about images of world-famous nerd Steve Urkel.

10.If all else fails, ask a female.Your sister, girlfriend, and yes - even your mother - are great resources for fashion advice.

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