Men's Grooming Tips: A Guide To Waxing

Waxing can be a great option for men to remove unwanted hair and not have to shave often. Waxing can have pros and cons, but it is a safe and easy method for facial and body hair removal.

Waxing is not just for women anymore.Men can enjoy the advantages of waxing as well.Men can get their face waxed and have a smooth exterior for longer while eliminating coarse stubble.Other areas of men's body can also be waxed for a smoother more pleasing appearance.Many athletes shave certain areas to help with speed and appeal. Body builders have a reputation for a shiny, sleek body with no body hair.

The dictionary definition of waxing (when pertaining to hair removal) is a temporary method of hair removal, which removes hair at the root.This technique of course prevents hair from growing back for at least 3 to 8 weeks.When hair does grow back in the area that has been waxed tends to be finer and not as coarse in texture.

Popular parts of a man's body that he might want to consider waxing and some reasons for doing so are:

Face""No daily shaving and eliminating the five o'clock shadow

Eyebrows""To add shape and get rid of "uni-brow" problems

Chest""Sleek smooth chest with no annoying re-growth

Legs""For appearance or to help with speed for athletes such as swimmers or bikers

Arms/underarms""Similar to reasons for waxing legs

Back""Get rid of ugly hair growth on back

Bikini or Brazilian wax""Personal preference or to please partner

Feet""For a better appearance especially if you plan on wearing sandals for those trips to the beach

Most parts of the body can be waxed but there are certain areas you should never wax.These areas include male genitals, nipples, eyelashes, inside ears and nose. Waxing is considered to be a safe way to remove unwanted hair but it is not recommended to wax extremely sensitive areas.If you are looking for a high quality waxing job you might want to consider having it professionally done most people see the best results if they go to a professional at a spa or salon.

Some of the benefits of waxing compared to other hair removal methods are long lasting hair removal, immediate results and will not increase the growth of hair, plus waxing can be fairly inexpensive.

The benefits of waxing tend to out weigh the drawbacks but there are a couple of drawbacks to using waxing as a hair removal technique.First is pain, waxing can be painful because you are pulling the hair out from its roots.Next you could have irritation from waxing or even an allergic reaction.Check out the products you will be using to make sure you are not allergic to any of the ingredients.

Waxing has advantages and disadvantages just like other methods of hair removal.Do your homework find out what method is right for you.Check out day spas and salons in your area and get references.You may also want to consider the home waxing products that are available such as One Touch Facial Waxer, Gigi Strip Free Honee Microwave Wax Kit or Surgi-Wax Facial Hair Remover.Whichever method you choose remember just because you are a man doesn't mean you cannot enjoy the benefits that come from waxing and not having to shave on a daily basis.

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