Men's Grooming Tips: Manage Unwanted Hair

Men can manage unsightly ear and nose hair by purchasing a simple trimmer, the best solution to back hair is waxing.

As men get older, it is inevitable that they begin to sprout hair from places where they never had hair before - most noticeably the ears and nose, and often the back.The injury is compounded by the loss of hair on top of the head, as if your hair is migrating from its proper place into less desirable locales.

With unwanted hair growth as inevitable as middle-aged weight gain, you may wonder why you should bother at all.Most women, after all, do not get facelifts; they accept their appearance.Why not accept your age gracefully, you may ask yourself, and let the hair grow where it may?

The answer to that question is that it's gross!Whether you're a single man trying to meet someone new or have been married for decades, there's no excuse for not taking simple measures to continue looking your best (just as a woman who doesn't get a face lift may nonetheless be smearing her face with anti-aging cream every night).Taking care of yourself will not only keep you feeling good about yourself; it shows respect for those around you.If you're single, unsightly hair shows the ladies that you don't care what they think, and if you're married, it sends the same message to your wife.

What You Can Do About Unsightly Hair

Fortunately, managing unwanted hair is not at all difficult.The market is full of convenient, inexpensive trimmers for ear and nose hair.You will need only one trimmer for both areas.If you prefer not to stick the same device in your nose that has been in your ear, and vice versa, you can simply buy two and keep them separate.

Trimmers are available in battery-operated and battery-free styles.Some people find the battery-operated styles to be the simplest, while other people prefer not to stick anything electronically powered into their nose.Both kinds, however, are perfectly safe as long as they are in good repair.Never use a trimmer that has been damaged or appears bent.If you decide to go with a battery-free trimmer, spend a little extra and get a trimmer with one-hand operation.Some manual trimmers require that you hold the device steady with one hand while turning it with the other.The problem with this arrangement is that you may want to use one hand to flare your nostril out while trimming your nose hairs.One-hand manual trimmers allow you to hold onto your nose while using only one hand to operate the trimmer.

Choose a trimmer that is easy to clean.The blades do not need to be replaced, but the trimmer will wear out after a couple of years.When using the trimmer, do not insert it too far into your ear or nose.Remember, your goal is to remove the visible hair.Follow carefully the instructions that come with your trimmer.

Unwanted Hair on Larger Areas

If you have unwanted hair over a large area- i.e., your back - your best bet, unfortunately, is waxing.There is no point in lying to you - waxing will hurt.But women subject themselves to it all the time in more sensitive areas, and you can handle it.Make an appointment to have waxing done by a professional.You may find your treatment less painful if you take an over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medicine such before your appointment.Plan on going back every four to six weeks for repeat waxing.

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