Men's Wardrobe Organization Tips

Easy ways to arrange and organize men's wardrobes.

Tired of picking your clothes off the floor? Frustrated in the morning when you can only find one shoe? Have to search and search for the tie that goes with that shirt? Well, here are some organizational tips to make life a little easier.

First you need a set of drawers. Some call this piece of furniture a dresser. On the top of the dresser place a small box. In that box keep your accessories - watch, cuff links, tie pins, money clip. This way they don't spread like ivy and cover the dresser top from stem to stern.

Next select a drawer. This one will be your sock drawer. When the socks come out of the laundry match each one to its mate. Then connect these two socks by pulling one inside the other or simply rolling them together. Once you have matched all your socks place them in the drawer. Now you will always know where your socks are. Some people like to just toss their socks in the drawer, some like to put them in neat rows, some like to buy plastic sock organizers that are little connected boxes. Into each box you can place a pair of socks

The second drawer is your underwear drawer. Again, some like to just toss their underwear into the drawer. Some like to roll them up and place them side by side. Some like to store them according to type - boxer, brief, etc. Some like to arrange them by color. Whatever works for you.

A third drawer can include a number of things. If you wear an undershirt this third drawer is a handy place to keep them. Same system - toss or fold and place neatly. You may also separate them by style - crewneck, v-neck, etc.

If there is any extra room in any of the drawers that may be a good place to keep your handkerchiefs. As always you can organize these according to colors. These should be folded. If they are tossed into the drawer, when you pull them out they will be wrinkled. Nothing notes a sloppy man as much as a wrinkled handkerchief.

Let's deal with the shoes now. There are a couple of options. One option is to stake out space in your closet. This may be empty space on the floor where the shoes can be lined up like soldiers. It may be an extra shelf where the shoes can be stacked like the Empire State building. Or it may be some type of shoe organizer.

There are two organizers that are the most common. One is a rack that sits on the floor. Each shoe then fits over a holder. The other organizer is a shoe tree that hangs on the back of a door. Each shoe is placed over a holder. There is also a sheet with pockets attached that can be hung over the door. Depending on the size of the pocket one or two shoes are placed in the pocket. There are also shoe chests. These are small chests that have some type of hinged door, that when opened reveals shelves upon which you can store your shoes. As always, in each of these methods, the shoes can be organized by type if you wish - dress, athletic, casual, etc.

Moving on to the closet you discover that the options are almost endless. There are closet organizing kits and companies can design your closet space so you can store almost any and everything in it. We will leave the architecture of the closet to you and your designer.

However, there are some things to keep in mind. Always keep things in common in one place - shirts with shirts, sweaters with sweaters, pants with pants, etc. In this way you always know where to go to find the item you need. Again, you can organize each category according to color or any other system you want to create.

Shirts can be hung from a hanger or folded for a shelf. Pants can be hung over a hanger or hung from the cuffs by a hanger. Either way is fine. Which way you decide depends a lot on the space you have in your closet. Suit and sport coats always drape over a hanger. Use a nice, solid, rounded wooden hanger. This holds and shapes the suit, especially the shoulders, in the way it was intended.

Ties. The simplest thing here is to purchase a tie rack. Tie racks have bars/dowels/hooks extending from them. You simply drape the tie over a hook. Arrange by color? Arrange by style? Don't care? Some of these attach to the wall. Some can be hung like a hanger. Your preference. Ties may also be rolled up and stored in a drawer, much like socks. Whichever method you choose, once in a while go through your collection and throw out the out of date ties.

Do you wear hats? Never hang a hat for any length of time on a hook. In time, a hat hanging from a hook, will change its hat band shape and size. Gravity will pull it down and lengthen the hat. Always store a hat on a flat surface. You may want to organize the hats by style or season. If you wear a nice brimmed hat, it should be stored in a box. This keeps it clean, assures the size won't change by hanging off a hook, and protects the top from being crushed by a falling object in the closet.

If your closet is big enough you can also store your winter coats there. If not, find another place for them. You need not wear them all year so they do not need to be immediately available in the warm months. During the warm months find another to place to store them. Before storing have them cleaned, put on hangers and covered with a bag for protection.

Now that you can find everything, why not get dressed up and paint the town red.

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