Mens Wrinkle Resistant Wardrobe Fashions

Wrinkle resistant clothing is quite easy to maintain. Save time that would otherwise be spent on ironing, and dropping off clothing at the dry cleaners.

Who doesn't want to avoid the hassle of getting the wrinkles out of those slacks and dress shirts? Sometimes it's just not enough to throw a wet sock in the dryer with wrinkled clothing to smooth them out.

Wrinkle resistant clothing makes it easier to look neat and fresh, and to save time that you would otherwise spend ironing clothes, or taking them to the local cleaners. This is especially true for those who travel; ironing and steaming clothes just isn't convenient while your away from home, and on the go.

Begin to build a wardrobe around several wrinkle resistant items. Not only does this mean less hassle, it also means that your clothes will look nice and crisp longer than usual. To top it off, many wrinkle resistant items come out of the washing machine more dry than normal items.

You will also hear wrinkle resistant clothing referred to as "Wash and Wear", "Durable Press", and "Easy Care". There are several types of wrinkle resistant clothes:


Many synthetic fibers are super-flexible. This elastic quality causes the fibers to retain their original shape after stretching, preventing the weave from distorting, which creates wrinkles.


Wrinkle resistance is achieved through the cross-linking of fibers within the clothing. chemically, fibers are cross-linked before the garment is created. Cross-linking also causes fibers to recover from stress, preventing wrinkles from forming.

naturally wrinkle resistant

Some fabrics are more wrinkle resistant than others, naturally. This is a good feature because the chemicals used in some wrinkle resistant finishes contain chemicals that can be harmful over time.

wrinkle resistant weave structure

Many fabrics have naturally wrinkle resistant qualities not within their fibers, but within the way that the fabric is woven. This is common with loosely woven fabrics, and is not the same as cross-linking.

Choose a few basic wrinkle resistant items of clothing to start with, and you will have a good foundation. Start with clothing in versatile colors, like slacks in black, khaki and grey, for example. Get a few shirts in white, navy, green, etc., and build your wardrobe from there.

As you build your wardrobe, look for these popular wrinkle resistant fabrics:

stretch microfiber - A good example of this blend, is a combination of polyester, viscose, and lycra. Stretch microfiber has the previously mentioned elastic quality that will resist wrinkles, leaving your clothes looking fresh. Clothing made of this fabric tends to fit more comfortably, adjusting to fit the contours of the body.

crinkled weave cotton - This fabric is good to wear during the summer. It's accordion structure resists wrinkles, and will also allow air to circulate, keeping you cool on those hot and humid days.

tencel - This natural, man-made fiber is made from the cellulose found in wood pulp. It's fibers are highly absorbent, and responsive to dyes. Because of this, tencel is commonly used in brightly colored clothing. Tencel blends well with other fabrics, like cotton, wool, linen, and silk.

tropical wool - Surprisingly, this worsted dacron/wool blend is comfortable in both the winter and summer months. It's long staple fibers makes it naturally wrinkle resistant. During those hot days, it will absorb about 30% of it's own weight in moisture, keeping you dry and comfortable.

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