Menu Ideas For A Baby Shower

Throwing a baby shower? Looking for menu ideas? Read this article and find out to create a meal your guests will greatly enjoy.

A baby shower is usually an occasion of great joy. Ideally the happy mother to be should be surrounded by her closest friends and family as she prepares for the birth of her new baby.

If your best friend is pregnant and you want to throw her a wonderful party, planning is essential. One of things you should plan in advance as much as possible is the menu for the shower.

Before you decide on the menu make sure you have an excellent idea of approximately how many people are coming to the party. You don't want to waste food. Another important consideration is the time and date of the shower. If the party's being held on an August Sunday morning you should choose entirely different foods than if you were holding it on a weekday evening in December.

Once you've decided on the time of day and number of people you can start thinking about what to serve guests. Many hostesses like to serve a meal with an appetizer, main course and dessert. But you don't necessarily have to do this.

For instance, if the shower were being held on a weekday in February you could borrow a Valentine's Day theme and serve only desserts. To satisfy many different kinds of tastes you should put out a wide variety of choices. You might have one table set up with lots different kinds of cake such as chocolate, lemon and vanilla while another table has out five or six ice cream flavors plus toppings to go with them like chopped nuts and whipped cream. For those who prefer lower calorie items you could have an area devoted to less filling treats such as fruit salad and ice milk.

If the sex of the baby is known in advance, think about selecting menu items with a pink or blue theme. For a girl, guests could start off with a pink grapefruit salad or creamed tomato soup and then proceed to a main course of salmon or beef cooked medium rare. Dessert might be strawberries with cream or, if you're holding the party in winter, a cake decorated with pink icing. Expand the theme further by serving drinks of pink lemonade and red cool-aid.

Blue food is less common but still fairly easy to arrange, particularly if you include other related shades such as purples. An appetizer might be salsa with blue corn chips and grilled eggplant dip. A creative main course could be steamed blue crabs. Accompany the main course with mashed potatoes made from an actual variety of potatoes called blue potatoes. The potatoes can be found in many supermarkets across the country or ordered online. For dessert serve guests blueberries and plums if in season or a cake with blue icing if not. Serve coffee made with Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee beans and a bowl of blue tinted punch.

Another way to expand on the baby theme is with a menu that emphasizes baby foods. For instance you might wish to serve a menu of all appetizers. Any item from soup to main courses can be turned into appetizer sized portions. Offer guests a wide variety of tastes and textures.

A balanced appetizer menu might consist of several vegetable items such as miniature potato pancakes and small lengths of zucchini stuffed with a pine nut filling. Guests could then proceed to meat or seafood. Top bite sized hamburger patties with ketchup and set out on a nice platter. Bring out pigs in blankets topped with good quality mustard and bits of sauerkraut. Boiled shrimp or small scallops are easy to prepare. Just add a dipping sauce and toothpicks. Dessert can be bon-bons, petit fours and fruit found in smaller sizes like cherries and grapes.

If you prefer a traditional menu you can also find ways to emphasize the baby theme of the party. There are many varieties of vegetables that come in smaller sizes. Gently grill the tiny vegetables and serve with the main course. Bring out espresso or cappuccino in small cups and make cupcakes for dessert.

With a little bit of imagination and some hard work you should have a menu for the party any mother will remember long after her pregnancy has ended.

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