Michael kors fashion and style

Michael Kors designs clothes that are modern, sophisticated, uncomplicated and elegant. Find out what creates a Michael Kors "look".

Designers can toil away for years before anyone ever notices.That does not mean they aren't great designers.Case in point, Michael Kors.For twenty-three years he has worked as a very successful designer and has been part of the fashion and style scene in New York.Twenty-three years in he is now considered the head of the new class of American designers.Typically younger designers are put into this category, younger as in late twenties early thirties.Michael Kors is 44.

A native of Long Island, Kors attended the Fashion Institute of Technology, FIT, and began his own label in 1981.His style can be categorized along with Donna Karan's as a clean, modern look with classic lines and very American.His style has often been described as appealing to the pampered set of Park Avenue and East Hampton.His high end line was priced out of the average American woman's budget.But Kors recently took a page right out of Karan's own past and created a less expensively priced line that will be affordable for the suburban set as well.

Kors is unique in his ability to straddle generational and social lines.This is an important characteristic for a designer, especially if they intend to stay at the top of the fashion game.Kors straddles quite naturally.His personality takes in everyone, all cultures and classes, and it shows in his ability to stretch his designs, mixing his palettes to include new materials and create new ways of approaching the use of those materials.His motto is simple and well made, not trendy.

If time always shows what works best then Michael Kors creates what works best.Those purchasing his pieces often keep them long past their wearing point because the style still works.It is hard to let go of a piece that works with your wardrobe and your figure so Kors keeps a lot of the basic pieces in his line for the very reason that they work.

Focused on "a slice of life", Kors creates his lines with the real world in mind.His shows are filled with couples parading down the catwalk together, representing a typical day in the life of the public.His models are older, younger and in between.

A product of the suburbs, Kors understands that people want a touch of luxury and comfort in their clothes.They want them to fit and move well.Tucked into the Kors style is his ability to relate to the general public in a stylish and upscale way.His signature jeans and cable knit sweaters can be adopted as an ordinary person's wardrobe.Throw in a fur or leather bag and a great spike heeled shoe and you have a Michael Kors look.

The Kors look is:

­- Elegant, luxurious, timeless, wearable, ladylike

­- Knee length skirts - leather, suede, argyle, solids

­- Fitted jackets - waist length, hip length

­- Trim - leather, fur, shearling, patent leather

­- Cowl neck shirts - jersey

­- Cable knit sweaters or fitted t-shirts depending on the season

­- Well-fitted jeans

­- Cashmere - jackets and sweaters

Wear Kors if you want to look smarter, skinnier, sophisticated, or richer.

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