Migraine Cluster And Tension Headaches: What's The Difference?

Migraine, cluster, and tension headaches have different causes and are different in the amount of pain that they produce.

There are three main types of headaches: Migraine, Cluster and Tension. Each of these has there on symptoms and locations of pain. There are many different causes and remedies for each of these headaches. Many headaches are temporary but some are recurrent, these headaches should be brought to your physician's attention.

Migraine headaches are described as a severe, throbbing headache often with symptoms of sensitivity to light and sound. There are many causes of migraine headaches, researchers have found that migraines differ from one person to another and they are more common in women than men. There are specific items that can trigger migraines some may be environmental such as a change in the temperature, loud noises and bright lights. Hormonal changes can play a huge role in migraines in women especially during the menstrual cycle. Migraines in women can also be caused from the use of estrogen supplements or high-estrogen oral contraceptives. Migraines can also be triggered by emotional disturbances such as anger, resentment and depression. The diet plays a part in migraine headaches as well; it is best to keep a journal of what has been eaten to determine if certain foods may trigger migraines. There are common foods such as fresh yeast, nuts, and chocolate that can cause a migraine headaches.

Cluster headaches are the most painful of vascular headaches, and there is not much warning involved. These headaches seem to happen in men more than in women, and they usually start during sleeping. These headaches inhibit sleep once they begin. These headaches have a stabbing pain around the eye of behind the eye. Some of the items that trigger migraines also trigger cluster headaches.

Tension headaches may be the most common and least painful of all headaches. These headaches cause tension in the head, neck and tighten back muscles.

Sinuses can also cause headaches these headaches seem to cause pressure around the eyes and nose and might worsen when bending. Abscessed teeth may also cause headaches that feel like migraines or cluster headaches. Headaches can also be caused by overexposure to the sun, hunger and excessive alcohol intake.

Some common ways to avoid headaches is to cut down on coffee, tea and caffeine and avoid excessive consumption of alcohol. If food is a trigger for headaches avoid eating the foods that trigger these headaches.

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