Migraine Vision Symptoms

By Victoria Ries

  • Overview

    A migraine presents itself in many uncomfortable forms, including visual disturbances affecting the sufferer's ability to see properly. As the migraine progresses the eyes get light-reactive and it is common for sufferers to have to lie down in a darkened room to find relief. Sleep is sometimes the only remedy for these types of migraine. By avoiding too much close work and subsequent eyestrain, these types of migraines may be less frequent.
  • Lights

    Vision disturbance symptoms include blind spots---dark spots that may occur anywhere in one eye or in both. Flashing lights may be seen. These are visual hallucinations as are the zigzagging lights that affect sight. Driving is not advised if you are having visual migraine symptoms. Temporary blindness may occur in one eye. However, the sight will return within hours.
  • Nausea

    With the visual distortions and hallucinations comes nausea. Equilibrium is hard to establish when visual disturbances are continually presented within your vision. Sitting down will help the dizzy feeling you may experience while enduring these visual symptoms. Phenergan, or its generic name of promethazine may help to relieve the nausea and may also help you sleep off the migraine attack.

  • Distortion

    Blurred vision or double vision may occur along with visual distortion symptoms such as no peripheral vision. Spark effects may be experienced along with balls of light. A cool wash cloth covering the eyes may bring comfort to the sufferer.
  • Weakness

    Visual migraines may leave the sufferer feeling weak and lethargic. It is common to feel this way after a migraine attack and sufferers frequently sleep for four hours or longer until the after-effects of the visual symptoms disappear.
  • Prevention/Solution

    Make an appointment with your eye doctor to have your eyes tested. It may be possible that bad eyesight may be the root cause of the visual migraine attacks and that they may be eliminated completely once your vision is corrected with glasses or contact lenses.
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