How to Find U.S. Military Singles

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    Whatever your reason for looking for a relationship with a service member, realize that military life isn't for everyone. However, with the right attitude and a little luck, the military can be an exciting opportunity for travel and new experiences. Also, military mates tend to be family oriented, financially stable and independent. Since they are often lonely, living far away from friends and family, you need not try too hard to meet one. Military singles are looking for you, too.
    • Step 1

      Move to a city with a military base. There are thousands of bases throughout the United States that employ people from all branches of the military. Military singles can be found on dating websites and social networking sites, but physical location is a key component to finding and keeping your military mate.
    • Step 2

      Identify the major hangouts around town for military singles. Usually, there is a ready-made bar scene just beyond the base that caters to the military. However, these bars are more likely to be full of young, very drunk, lower-ranking men. The older and more senior ranking singles tend to stay away from the booze-soaked military scene. Look for these types in more low key and upscale bars farther away from the base.

    • Step 3

      Find a job on the base. Many bases employ civilians in a variety of capacities. Look on the website for your local base to see job listings. Administrative office, retail and hospitality positions are often available. A base job will put you in constant contact with military singles and give you legitimate reasons to talk to them. Many military spouses work these jobs, so ask your new co-workers to introduce you to their mate's single friends.
    • Step 4

      Do what they do. Many military personnel are active and outdoorsy. Usually, they prefer to be out doing some type of activity rather than sitting at home. Look for military singles on golf courses, at the beach, at sporting complexes, the gym, and public parks. Hit the stores. Military singles often have disposable income burning a hole in their pockets. Find them at the mall adding to their wardrobes, buying DVDs and pricing new flatscreens.
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    • Tip: Try to avoid talking about the military or politics. They get enough of this at work.
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    • If you hit the bars, take a friend with you as a precaution.

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