Millard Fillmore Biography Of The Thirteenth President

Millard Fillmore bigraphy of the man who became the thirteenth president of the united states when Zachary Taylor died in office. This article will give details about his presidency.

During the Presidential campaign of 1848, Millard Fillmore was nominated to be Zachary Taylor's vice-president. Because of the death of Zachary Taylor in 1850, Millard Fillmore became the thirteenth president of the United States of America.

As Vice-president Millard Fillmore had no real roles, he unfortunately was largely ignored. But with the death of Taylor that all changed.

President Zachary Taylor had opposed the Compromise of 1850, which would allow the spread of Slavery to the new states. Now, President Fillmore supported the Compromise because he felt it was the only way to prevent a Civil War. When Fillmore became President that was his main agenda, to sign the five documents that made up the Compromise of 1850. The compromise would allow the spread of slavery into the free states and also what is known as the Fugitive Slave Act. This Act allowed slave owners to go north and recapture blacks that were thought to be runaways back to the south without a trial. The northern states hated that law. They would try to protect the blacks by offering free legal advice and also posted warnings of known slave hunters in the area. The slave hunters would not only kidnap the runaway slaves but would sometimes kidnap blacks that were free and bring them to the south and make them slaves. This cost Millard Fillmore any political future.

By signing the Compromise of 1850, Fillmore lost any future nominations from the Whig party they did not want anything to do with him. At this point they despised him. During the Campaign of 1852, the Whigs would not support him, so Millard Fillmore chose to retire.

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