Best Mini Cars for Kids

By Regina Sass

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    Best Mini Cars for Kids
    There have been mini cars for kids for as long as there have been cars on the road. Early toy makers realized that kids like to imitate grownups and quickly saw that making mini cars for kids was a good idea. And they were right, because they are just as popular today as ever. Kids that are older than the recommended age can ride them, as long as they do not go over the recommended weight limit.
  • Zip and Zoom Dune Buggy Pedal Car

    The Zip and Zoom Dune Buggy Pedal Car is made by Step 2 for kids two to five years old. It comes in a color all kids love, bright red, is powered by pedaling and has front wheel drive. It is built extra wide and low to the ground to make it more stable, limiting the chance the kid will tip it over. It does not have a steering wheel, but instead has two handles that allow the kid to do a controlled spin out. It does need to be assembled. Average price in 2009 : $80.00.
    Zip and Zoom Dune Buggy Pedal Car
  • Sport Coupe Ride-On

    The Sport Coupe Ride-On is made by Radio Flyer for kids aged 12 months to three years. It has an adjustable push handle in the rear for an adult. It is solely a push powered car. It comes in red, has electronic lights, the dashboard makes sounds, the horn honks, the key makes a clicking sound and the steering wheel spins. Average price in 2009 : $130.00.
    Sport Coupe Ride-On

  • Pink Princess Car

    The Pink Princess Car is made by Kodak for girls from three to five years old. It looks like a 1920s roadster convertible and is pedal powered. The height of the pedals can be adjusted as the child gets older and it comes with high traction tires. Average price in 2009: $170.00.
    Pink Princess Car
  • Mercedes Benz 190 SL Pedal Car

    The Mercedes Benz 190 SL Pedal Car is made by the Boom Group for kids three to six years old. This mini car looks just like the big ones, has a working steering wheel, padded seat and adjustable pedals. It can hold up to 100 pounds and assembly is required. Average price in 2009: $240.00.
    Mercedes Benz 190 SL Pedal Car
  • Power Wheels Rubicon Jeep

    The Power Wheels Rubicon Jeep is made by Fisher Price for kids three to four years old. It is powered by a 12-volt battery, has two forward speeds, as well as reverse drive, and can run on grass as well as on hard surfaces. It has a storage compartment in the rear and its high speeds can be blocked for younger riders and has room for a passenger as well. Average price in 2009: $250.00.
    Power Wheels Rubicon Jeep
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