Mini Makeovers: New Looks For Old Jeans

The old jeans look has been revised to portray new casual and professional styles that can be worn by young and old.

Classic blue jeans are making a comeback in a dazzling array of creative new styles. Originally designed generations ago for farmers or manual workers because of their durability, jeans rose through the ranks of the middle class to become the garment of leisure. Young and old, male and female, and rich or poor wear jeans today for every kind of function, from school to job to shooting hoops at the park.

If you're curious about contemporary jeans styles and want to adopt new looks from an old clothing style, here are a few ideas to consider:

1. Try jeans of a different color. Formerly sewn from dyed blue cotton, jeans now come in many colors and shades. You can buy light blue, medium blue, or navy blue, along with red, green, and everything in between. There are tie-dye streaks and flare leg styles, which used to be called bell-bottoms, with a separate color or design sewn into the flare panels. Whatever your mood or fashion taste, you can find a pair of jeans in a shade that will suit your fancy.

2. Check out recent styles. Hip huggers have made a comeback, with many boasting a wide belt woven through loops and either straight leg or flare leg fashions. Capri-length jeans are popular in warm climates or during the summer in northern zones. Those who follow rap rhythms in their personal lives wear drop bottom jeans. Loose-fitting and boot cut styles are popular choices, too.

3. Wear jeans to work. A casual corduroy or wool sports jacket over a sleeveless turtleneck goes great with a nice pair of jeans for office work, depending on your company's dress code. Black or dark blue jeans, if tailored neatly with a smart fit, work for many kinds of employment situations. You may be able to wear a two-piece denim pantsuit for certain desk jobs.

4. Pull on a sweater or fleece with jeans for running errands or going out with friends. A camisole top with a light sweater looks great with jean capris in warm weather. A jean jacket over a tee-shirt with jeans makes a cozy fall outfit. Or slip into classy black jeans with a silky blouse for a night on the town. A tank top and jeans still works fine for a summer stroll or a game of volleyball.

5. Add meaningful accessories. Jeans can be dressed up with jewelry and cosmetics for special occasions. Or they can assume a bohemian look when complemented with a wacky belt or over-the-shoulder shawl. Various shoe styles can take your jeans in entirely different directions when you put on sandals, loafers, or riding boots. Whatever look you're striving for, jeans can help you get it successfully.

A pair of jeans is one of the most versatile clothing items you can own. Pick up a new pair or two to upgrade your wardrobe and enhance your appearance. Then add special effects via your cosmetics, jewelry, or accessories to wow your friends and coworkers with your own special take on old fashion jeans.

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