Miniature Doll House Furniture: How To Make Miniature Bean Bags

Fun and easy ways to make bean bags for your doll house.

One of the biggest joys in the life of a young girl is a great doll house. She will play with the house for hours on end and will cherish the moments she spends fixing the house and decorating it. One of the ways that she can make the house even more special is to help in the making of the furniture for the house. Some of the easiest and most fun furniture to make is bean bags. They are easy to make and can be a great project for a parent and child to do together.

One of the first thing that you have to decide for your bean bag furniture is what do you want to want to decorate all rooms with the same style or do you want to give each room its own flare. I like to give each room its own expression and it gives you a chance to be very creative with your bean bags. You can choose to make a formal room, a fun room and you can even take rooms and decorate them in special colors and different hues or variations of the colors.

What kind of material is going to be used to make the furniture? You can be really creative with this. The bean bags will not have to be very large and they will not have to be make out of the most extremely study material. You will have to use a good material that can take some wear but the only one that will be "sitting" on the furniture will be the dolls. You can use old clothing that no longer fits your child to make the furniture; this is a good way to preserve some favorite pieces. I like to use material with large shapes. You can cut out the shapes and make the furniture that way. You can also use nice frilly material to decorate the bags after they are constructed. Mix the materials together so that you can turn the bags over and have a different chair or they can be used in different rooms at different times.

You have to decide what you are going to use as the filling for the furniture. I know that they are called bean bags but that doesn't necessarily mean that they are filled with "beans", although beans can certainly be used. You can use things such as rice, lentils, or other hard seed items. You can also get artificial beans at your local craft or everything store. You can also use a variety of fillings for the different bags; this will give your furniture different textures.

Once you decide on your materials and you filling you can make your bags. To sew the bags together you will have to place two pieces of material with the outside facing toward each other. You need to make a seam, leaving approximately an inch or an inch and a half so that you can turn the bag inside out and fill it with your chosen filling, after the bags are filled then the opening can be closed. The bags can be decorated any way that your little one decides. They may be just beautiful without any added extras. The thing to remember is to let your little one help make all of the decisions with the bags. This will be a great project and make great memories for you and your little one.

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