What Is Misogyny?

What is misogyny; it is ever present in our society and women need to take a stand against to begin fighting for rights of all women.

Misogyny is something that plagues our world in many ways though few people really understand it or have even heard the word. Misogyny is most simply defined as the dislike or hate of women. It truly sounds awful and maybe inconceivable to some, but it has real existence in our world. Just look to all the crimes committed against women to see where the true hatred of women lies.

Misogyny occurs in many forms in our society. If we only look at it most simply as a dislike and not necessarily a hate of women, it is easier to see where it exists.

Women are certainly easier victims in crimes but why are they being committed against women in the first place? It would stem primarily from a dislike or hate for the gender itself, most especially violent crimes like rape and murder.

Misogyny can be seen in all kinds of settings, even in television shows and in movies. The woman is most often the victim of crimes in movies and if you pay close attention you will see that someone who is seeking revenge for a crime, no matter how horrid, will often be a woman again. It may not appear that it is the woman who is being targeted as bad if she is trying to pay back for a crime, like being raped, yet it is putting the woman in a violent role again.

How often do we really see men seeking revenge in movies where a crime was committed against a woman? It may seem to make sense that a woman would seek revenge for a crime committed against a woman, but it only furthers to complicate the movie theme. Women being portrayed in any position of victim or revenge seeker, as often as happens in our society, is cause for alarm and something we should all be paying more attention to.

Look to some religions and how women are treated and it makes one wonder if it isn't a dislike for women that shapes the very structure of the religion. If the woman must always submit to the man that is supposing that the female gender is somehow inferior to males and thus perpetuates the male dominance role which often leads to misogyny.

That is not to say that all men dislike women and that some women are not bad. But the fact that our society so often displaces women with men assuming the dominant role, misogyny must be playing a prominent role.

Women must fight misogyny with every capacity they have. The more women stand for their rights as individuals and as a gender in general, the more likely misogyny will be combated effectively. It can start with just one woman willing to speak for herself and not become a victim in any way.

The workplace is one good example of misogyny. Consider how many women are in roles of authority and how many men who are needing to work under the supervision of a women. There are not many in this world and it isn't likely it will change anytime soon. First the media needs to take a stand and say no to movies and shows that portray women in evil and/or victim roles constantly and maybe the tide can change and women be treated with more respect.

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