Mission Trips Can Change Your Life

Participating on a mission trip will be a life changing experience. Whether the trip be close by or far away, it's impact is imeasurable

Mission trips are a life changing experience. They can be weekends away to another location in the country in that you live or can be two-week ventures to another country. No matter what type of trip the outreach involves, it will change your perspective on life beyond what you can imagine.

Christians have been commissioned to preach the gospel to the far ends of the earth. This call sends many on ventures throughout the world to reach people with the gospel. Mission trips can be to another class of people within our country or can be a cross culture experience in a distant land. The lives of those who are reached on these trips are impacted in many ways, but the life of the individual who is participating as a team member on the trip is changed forever. The most significant change is a new understanding of the compassion that God feels toward the people of this earth.

Mission trips separate us from the cares of everyday life and show us the needs of people who are in hopeless situations. The shock of the third world culture and its poverty will give any individual a deep appreciation of all the material things they possess. It is almost so overwhelming that most people wish they had less and could give more. After visiting the impoverished people of another country, material possession losses it's significance. This life changing sensitivity usually fades over time, that's why it's always in the heart of a missions traveler to make repeated trips to keep life in perspective.

There are many people groups in any small town or large city that can be reached through mission trip adventures. These outreaches involve meeting specific needs within that community. Even though an individual may me familiar with the community that the trip involves the life changing impact is still massive. Touching the lives of others in a caring way creates a sense of fulfillment. Showing compassion to others builds a level of self worth and purpose to the individual. This life changing experience grows in the character of the missionary and will forever change his perspective on life.

Trips that come about by emergent situations will provide the most impact for the participant. To be involved in a project that will help alleviate a crisis is rewarding beyond measure. The heightened sense of urgency to fulfill a desperate need will change the coarse of anyone's life and keep him or her on constant guard to protect the world that they live in. Fully understanding this mission trip experience should stir everyone to want to be involved when unexpected things happen.

Participating in a mission trip will without a doubt changes the life of any individual. Everyone benefits from the growth in our worldview, a person's compassion for others and especially the desire to help when emergencies happen. Taking the time to reach the communities around us will open our eyes to the needs of others. Touching the lives of those who live in third world counties will help us appreciate the materials that we possess. And finally stepping into a world crisis will give the missionary a sense of purpose.

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