All About Missoni: Fashion And Style

Missoni is the fashion leader in knitwear, and pattern. Learn about the history and style of this designer label.

Perusing the fashion scene of the last fifty years there is one design house that stands out and signifies "original" better than any other.That design house is Missoni specializing in ready-to-wear knit fashion.They sit in the status bound position of fashion royalty.

Trendsetters in knitwear the world over, Missoni began as a tiny family owned workshop in Italy in the 1950's.Ottavio Missoni made knitwear in the form of tracksuits.Rosita met him at the 1948 Olympics where Ottavio, known as Tai, was competing and the team was wearing tracksuits that his company had designed.Soon after they married they began their knitwear adventure and their family.

Initially producing knitwear for other designers, the Missoni's came to the attention of the fashion world in the mid 1960's when they created a knitwear collection for the designer Emanuelle Kahn.

Several years later the collection was shown in Milan.The initial showing was followed by another one at Palazzo Pitti.This particular showing was unique for reasons other than their beautiful knitwear designs.Rosita, the female half of the Missoni team, made a last minute decision that put Missoni on the fashion map.Rosita knew that their clothing would look better if the models wore the outfits minus their bras.Undergarments and knitwear have long had issues with one another.So she told the models not to wear them.What Rosita did not know was that the strong lighting aimed at the catwalk highlighted the clothing by making the tops transparent.The fact that the models were not wearing their bras was painfully obvious.Today no one would notice but in the late sixties it was scandalous and the news was splashed in headlines around the world.


Missoni soon became known for their style.They began by dreaming up colorful patterns that could be made with the equipment they owned.Influenced by folk art and pattern, they started with simple stripes then graduated to more complex pattern combinations as their success brought the ability to purchase better equipment.

Their clothes are created out of many types of fabrics - wool, cotton, linen, rayon and silk - and a large number of colors.Collections can run up to forty colors each season.The clothing includes skirts, shirts, dresses, jackets and sweaters. Quality is of the highest importance to the Missoni family and it shows in their creations.

In the beginning it was just Ottavio Missoni and his wife Rosita.Today they employee over 200 people and have passed their business on to their children and hopefully their grandchildren.Two generations have been successful at the business of creating pattern.Technology is increasing the ability of the Missoni family to create ever more complex patterns further allowing them to move into the home furnishings industry with tapestries and carpets.


Set in the foothills of the Italian Alps, their idyllic fashion house continues to spit out masterpiece after masterpiece and there seems no end in sight.Celebrating their fiftieth year in 2004, Missoni faces current trends that call for print and color, hardly a stretch for this company.They face further opportunity to elevate their rank in the fashion world.They are still in demand and not about to give up their status any time soon.

The Missoni's are masters of color, pattern, and expression in the fashion world.They have impacted fashion not only in the area of pattern and design but elevated knitwear in the eyes of designers and consumers.

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