Miu miu: fashion and style

The Miu Miu designer fasion label is the brainchild of Miuccia Prada, granddaughter of Mario Prada. Youthful, experimental classics never looked so good as they do when you wear Miu Miu.

It seems an unlikely place to begin but Prada is the starting point in any discussion of Miu Miu.Mario Prada, the founder of The House of Prada, had a granddaughter in 1950 and her name is Miuccia.But our story begins in a time before Miuccia was born.


The House of Prada has been associated with the word luxury and style for decades.Designer handbags and beautiful shoes have been the focus of the Prada Empire from its inception in 1913.Prada clients covered Europe and the U.S. from the beginning.Designing heavy leather trunks and luggage became obsolete as air travel became easier so Prada began designing for the next generation by adjusting the product line to include beautifully crafted leather accessories and waterproof handbags.

Flash forward to 1978 when Miuccia was put in control of the family business.An unlikely suspect, Miuccia held a PhD in political science and a love for mime.But surprise, the business was in her veins and she has turned the Prada label into one of the most successful fashion houses in the world.She rocked the world of fashion with her sleek nylon handbags and sent the world swooning when she introduced her ready to wear collection in 1989.


Ever one to create a trend, Miuccia developed a less expensive sister line to Prada called Miu Miu.So you see, Prada has everything to do with Miu Miu.

Her use of quality fabrics combined with clean lines and understated elegance have put her name at the forefront of fashion.In 1995 she received the "Designer of the Year" award.In 1993 she received an International award handed to her by the Council of Fashion Designers of America.Miuccia is hot in haute couture.

A savvy businesswoman as well as a fabulous designer, Miuccia knows that knock offs make her own line more valuable.She also knows to attack from the opposite direction.When others design "sexy" Miuccia designs for practical, classic, and wearable.


In 1992 Miu Miu hit the marketplace and Miuccia began targeting a much younger audience.She moved away from the formal straight and classic lines and into more flowing, earth colored garments but retained the classic and the simple throughout.The quality of Prada was evident from the beginning.

Miu Miu allows Miuccia to spread her wings and delve into experimental materials and details.Her youthfulness shows through.Moving through paisley printed skirts and dresses, vintage looks, high-waisted dresses, wild prints, strong color combinations, buttoned up and proper school girl looks, and berets, Miu Miu completely contradicts the muted and classic lines of Prada.Miuccia must have a great time putting the Miu Miu looks together.The tendency of this youthful line is toward an obvious era or statement.And it is obvious the audience loves it.

Miuccia is one of the most influential designers and trendsetters in fashion.Miu Miu is one of her avenues of expression and it seems that her design sense just keeps getting better and better.

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