Mobile Home Buying Guide

There are many things to think about when buying a mobile home to get the very best possible home for your money. There are many things to think about when buying a mobile home to get the very best possible home for your money, let's talk.

Are you thinking of buying a mobile home? Good for you: this is a great way to own your own home, but you need some help in making those mobile home buying decisions and perhaps I can help with my suggestions.

First of all, depending on the size of your family you'll want to look at and also decide on if you want a single wide mobile home or perhaps a double wide or even large mobile home.

There are also expandables, ones that pull out and expand the home when in position on the lot.

The double wides are actually two single units that are towed to the site and then joined to make one large mobile home, thus it is called a double wide.

Sometimes when you purchase a mobile home the appliances, furniture and floor coverings are furnished, other times, the furniture and appliances are extra. Also sometimes you are charged extra for the steps with handrails to each of the doors, skirting to conceal the wheels, supports or concrete blocks, over the roof anchors for high wind area and other options.

Each of these options: furniture, appliances, etc. will be additional cost to the purchase of your new mobile home or in most cases the additional items will be expanding the original costs.

Most mobile homes or perhaps all will have to follow certain standards and you certainly need to look into these completely as they could cause problems. Be sure you have adequate insulation, adequate fire protection and that certain hazards are avoided such as lack of an outside fuel shutoff valve, modified furnaces, doors that are difficult to open, uneven support on the trailer.

There are many considerations when buying a mobile home just as buying one already on a foundation or when you build a home.

You'll need to compare costs thru different dealers, find out if there is an additional charge to bring the mobile home to your site, also are there set up charges, etc. You'll need to have a plan for where you will park your mobile home also, buy your own land, put it in a trailer park, all of these expenses must be factored in before purchasing a mobile home.

You will for sure need to find out how many years you need to pay on the mobile home and certainly you need to know the rate of interest on the mortgage on the home and also inquire about the insurance on the mobile home, will it be included in the mortgage note, in some cases that is required until you have a clear title to the mobile home. Also you need to see if the local and state taxes are included in your mortgage payment, remember when the insurance and the taxes are included in the note you will be paying interest on these additional expenses added to

note yearly. It is sure best to pay these separate on your own if the mortgage company will allow.

Keep in mind all of these suggestions and I am sure you will manage to think of many more details to be informed of before making this very important purchase. I wish you much happiness in your new mobile home: I certainly do love mine.

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