Modern Tradition: Cremation Lockets

A new tradition in mourners jewelry.

Cremation lockets are a new form of an old tradition. Every civilization has looked for ways to mourn their dead.Wearing jewelry formed and fashioned for this was showing high respect for the loved one who had passed on.

In Edwardian times, mourners had jewelry made in the shape of a skull.This skull was painted white if the newly departed was single; black and white if married.

In the Victorian Era, especially after the Civil War, ladies jewelry and men's watch fobs were painstakingly braided from the deceased's hair.For up to a year, the mourner would wear this jewelry, not only as a sign of respect but to show others that they were still mourning their loss.These items are highly collectable today.

The very rich wore mourning rings, a symbol of status, as the richer the man, the more elaborate the funeral and also the rings.

After the turn of the twentieth century, mourning jewelry fell out of style, being replaced with cemetery decoration days and highly detailed gravestones.

According to a 1996 study, burial is still the preferred way of determining a final resting place.Yet with rising costs of funerals and cemetery lots, more and more people are choosing cremation.Of those who choose cremation, the majority still wishes for a cemetery burial.Yet many choose for their remains to be scattered, buried at home or kept in an urn or other container at home.

With the choice of cremation on the rise, many companies are now offering a new type of jewelry to those who have lost a loved one.

Cremation lockets are small jewelry items, usually in the shape of a heart, cross or other religious icon, made of silver, gold or glass.They can be worn as a pendant, a charm, earrings or brooch.The glass lockets are designed to allow a picture or portrait, to be displayed of the deceased.Each can be simple or highly decorative ranging in price from approximately seventy-five dollars to more than two hundred.Inside each locket is room for a small amount of cremated remains.

As with mourning jewelry from prior centuries, the lockets are designed to be worn to remember those who have passed and to promote the feeling that your loved one is always near to you.Many families are choosing this method instead of the mantle piece urn because it allows each family member their own memento.

Many companies are offering lockets to commemorate a beloved pet.Those for animals are generally shaped as a paw, feed dish or other toy. As with the others, these come in many price ranges also.

Mourning rings are making a comeback also.One company is offering to create a synthetic diamond from the carbon extracted from the cremated ashes.Due to the presence of boron in the extracted carbon, each stone at the present is blue.The company plans to offer red, yellow and white in the future.Like the mourning rings of the last century, these too are very expensive, ranging in price from two thousand to ten thousand dollars for a three quarter caret stone.

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