Why Is Mold A Such A Big Problem?

Why is mold a such a big problem ? Mold can make you sick and more and more people are becoming aware of that fact. There are several reasons why mold is such a problem. First of all, mold has always been...

There are several reasons why mold is such a problem. First of all, mold has always been a problem but now there is more public awareness about it. Also, buildings are being built with materials that are less resistant to mold growth. So mold is a problem that can affect your family's health and the structure of your home. Mold is a fungus that breaks down and eats whatever it grows on and this can affect you and your home. With time as we become more educated we learn more about how detrimental mold growth can be.

In this age of information and quick knowledge people are hearing more and more about lawsuits for millions of dollars about mold growing in homes. According to Kevin Bristol President of Advance Mold Remediation, "there are lawsuits everywhere, even celebrities like Michael Jordan who had a seven million dollar lawsuit claiming his dog died and his wife got sick" due to mold growth in his home. So public awareness is very high when it comes to mold growth and some people are looking for a fast buck and someone to blame for their problems.

Some very old homes have been dealing with mold for centuries. Especially houses that are in those climates that are humid and conducive to mold growth. But, there are a lot of new homes being built that have mold growing in them before anybody even moves in. The reason for this is, "the building materials that are being used now, opposed to say 20 years ago, are a lot different. Before, builders used plaster, oil-based paints, and certain pesticides on wood and now you can't use these things anymore" states Bristol. Builders use dry-wall that has not been treated and does not include asbestos. Asbestos was found to be extremely hazardous to humans and was eliminated from buildings which is a good thing but it used to also molds and mildew. The other problem as Bristol explains is occurring, "when you are dealing with tract built homes, which are put up very quickly, there are generally more time constraints and therefore materials get left out in the rain, untreated and uncovered. Now you have mold before you even get started." This is the worst kind of mold because it grows within the walls and the homeowner is unaware and unable to clean it up.

Mold is a problem when it is so far embedded in your home that you have to move out and tear down walls to get rid of it. It can be very expensive to get rid of. Some homes have even needed to be torn down completely and rebuilt because the mold was in all of the walls.

As we get more educated, "doctors are linking molds to certain illnesses, like lung disease and upper respiratory problems" states Bristol. In 1999 the Mayo Clinic conducted a study that states that most chronic sinus infections were the result of mold exposure. And another study found that asthma has increased at a rate of over 300% in the past 20 years and has also been linked to being exposed to mold. "Basically" states Bristol, "it's just a lot of public awareness, a lot of new stories, and the word has spread that mold is not healthy".

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