Moms And Kids Having Fun Together

25 ways to be a fun Mom...are you tired of being the Ho-Hum boring Mom? All work, no play, try some of these activities with your kids!

Don't you sometimes get tired of being the mean Mom, the get your chores done Mom, the go to bed Mom, and the no, no, no Mom. If you feel that way, here are some ideas to make you a fun Mom and the hit of the neighborhood!

To begin, you have to loosen up, think like a kid, and just do something for the fun of it. Be spontaneous, free, and ready for fun!!

1. Have a spitball fight with your kids(warning: play outside to avoid a spitball mess in the house). Kids love this because they never expect Moms will play. Each person takes a straw and a napkin. Rip up the napkin and wet it in your mouth, then shoot it through the straw. Yucky, but you'll be laughing and having fun!

2. Cook with the kids letting them do age appropriate tasks. They love mixing, cutting vegetables, and using the blender or mixer.

3. Play any sport: basketball, soccer, whatever they like to play. Don't always let them win either, they like the competition!

4. Give the kids a piggyback ride on your back (if they are not too heavy).

5. At a pool or at the beach, pick them up and gently throw them into the water(do this only if they know how to swim and know how to hold their breath when they go under water). Be sure the water is deep enough, you don't want them hitting their heads.

6. Make up crazy songs and sing them really loud!

7.Make up crazy words or use silly expressions.

example: silly sassafrass lass

8. Play board games and card games. Let them win once in awhile.

9. Do puzzles together on a rainy day.

10. Share your past. Kids love to hear stories about when their parents were little.

11. Wrestle on the floor with them. Be gentle.

12. Ride bikes and take walks. Share nature.

13. Build a fort or treehouse.

14. Dance to their favorite music with them.

15. Do arts and crafts; depending on their age, make paper chains, create mosaic art, or rubber stamp a T-shirt.

16. Create a scrapbook. Using pictures of them, let them cut the pictures and paste them in the scrapbook. They can also write captions for the pictures.

17. Play hide and seek.

18. Have an indoor picnic.

19. Create chalk drawings on the sidewalk!

20. Play beauty salon: let them put make-up on you and themselves. They can also brush and style your hair.

21. Go to a fair or carnival and go on all the rides with them!

22. Watch old movies and eat popcorn.

23. Play video games.

24. Try skateboarding. Be sure to wear protective gear!

25. Read to them, using all different kinds of funny voices.

Try a few of these ideas or try them all...but remember have FUN!!

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