Money-Making Tips: Hobbies For Moms At Home

Moms can turn their hobbies and interests into a part-time income generated out of the house.

Despite the challenges families face by having one parent stay at home to raise the children, it is a trend that is growing in popularity. Parents are willing to sacrifice some luxuries in exchange for the pleasure of raising little ones instead of sending them to daycare. Still, full-time parenting is a demanding job that can leave mothers drained unless they find time for themselves. Many moms use this opportunity to learn a craft or hobby that they enjoy. Little do they know that they things they think of as entertainment can turn into substantial moneymakers. Whether you want to supplement your family's finances or just cover the costs of craft materials, here are some ways that you can make a profit from hobbies.

What Do You Like?

Hobbies are as varied as the mothers who have them, so it is no wonder that many of us have trouble finding one. After all, how are you supposed to know what you are good at, or even if that constitutes a craft? To get started, think about how you enjoy spending your spare time. If your days consist of changing diapers and chasing energetic toddlers, there have to be things you do that are just for yourself. Whether you soak in the tub with your homemade facial, have a night out with your girlfriends, or write in a journal, you have a pastime. The way to choose a money-generating craft is to pursue something you love, since being a parent is enough hard work. Here are just a few ways full-time mommies have turned fun into extra cash.

Handmade Goods

Many moms sell things they make, from quilts and clothing to decorative wall hangings and gift baskets. Others make a profit from their passion for baking, selling homemade goodies and recipes to local bakeries. Multi-million dollar businesses sprout up every year when women put their creativity to work. There is a booming market for natural cosmetics and beauty products, which many women already make for personal use. Unique pieces of jewelry, creative mailboxes, or any other items you make can be sold. If you make things that you need or enjoy, chances are that other people will pay for them. You can sell you crafts to shops in the area, set up a table at local craft fairs and flea markets, or even sell over the internet at online stores like EBay.

The Written Word

There is also a huge demand for writers of every sort. Websites and magazines covering every topic under the sun will eagerly buy your informative articles. Companies need people to write sales pitches and business letters. Fiction freelance writers can make an impressive income by selling their works online. If you have ever dreamed of creating storybooks for kids, take a chance and you may find out you have a natural talent. Beyond this, there are many other creative ways to cash in on your flair for writing. Some mothers have started gift card and children's special occasion letter businesses. Others put former job skills to use by providing data entry and transcription services to local businesses. No matter what type of writing you enjoy, there are people who will be happy to pay you for it. To begin selling your services, call or write magazines, search online, or visit businesses in the area.


Many women have a natural knack for communicating that makes them suited to selling products. Maybe you are a social butterfly who loves to have informal get-togethers with a group of friends. In this case, you might enjoy hosting home-based shopping parties. Many companies, selling candles, cosmetics, baskets, cookware, and millions of other items, will pay you a commission on any sales you make during these events. As a bonus, you get discounts off their items and can meet new people in you community. Another version of this type of business involves recruiting new members to various business opportunities. In this work, you would technically own your own business and would be responsible for hosting phone meetings and making follow-up calls. For parents with few daytime hours to devote to work, this is a great way to make extra money. The internet offers numerous opportunities, so search work-at-home-mom sites and the BBB for leads.

Legal Considerations

Before taking off with your hobby-for-profit, remember that there are strict rules that will apply to you. Technically, if you sell something to make money, you are operating a business. This means that you will need to visit your county clerk's office and file for the necessary licenses and permits. Every area has different laws, but in general, you will need to get a tax registration number, register a business name, and establish your business as a separate financial entity. Most communities offer business resource centers that will walk you through the process with as little hassle as possible. While it may seem like a lot of trouble for a little money, in the eyes of the government it is illegal to operate even a small business without following these procedures.

Creative and ambitious stay-at-home moms with a little spare time can easily turn their diversions into income. Since you dictate when you work, you can be sure that this type of job will never get too demanding to handle. This means that your family can come first, but you will have a creative and profitable outlet. Above all, remember to pursue what you enjoy so that you can be a happy and productive parent, not a stressed mom with too much on her shoulders.

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