Money Saving Bathroom Ideas

Hope my helpful hints for saving money in the bathroom and making things last will help. We all need to make things last so we don't go to extra expense to replace and also to save money.

First of all we will need to maintain the bathroom and keep it clean and sanitary and we'll need to purchase a few cleaning supplies. I would suggest buying: household disinfectant (pine oil or your preference), scouring cleanser, a toilet bowl brush, toilet bowl cleaner, drain cleaner, tile cleaner, sponges, and also rubber gloves.

If you will take the time daily to keep your bath room clean the fixtures, drains, plumbing, faucets, basins, etc. will last much longer and won't need to be replaced for many years. If we neglect items in our bathroom the expense can be major and we may not afford these items when they are necessary, always keep that in mind.

Of course you will need items such as toilet paper, shower items such as shampoo, conditioner, bath soap, razar blades, lots of items depending on the size of your individual family. If you will wisely check the ads in your local stores and stock up on these items that you will be using again and again that will reflect in savings in your bathroom expenditures.

If you will take care of your lines necessary for the bathroom, such as towels and wash cloths, and hand towels, be careful in laundering these items and also notice at least weekly if any of these items need mending. As you well know, a little tear can become large and past the point

of repair in very little time and this certainly saves money in the bathroom.

Depending on the walls in the bathroom certainly proper care will make them last, if you have wall paper and it is washable, be sure to clean at least once every three months as dirt can build up and ruin that lovely wall paper. If panelling or whatever surface you have needs cleaning, or

polishing please keep up with this also. The same goes for the bathroom cabinets they will need proper care and also the floors. The more we take special care of our floors, walls, and yes even ceiling and keep them clean the longer these items will last and believe me these can be expensive to replace. Keep those light fixtures clean and they tend to last longer also.

You'll need soap dishes, cups for drinking water, and containers for organization in the bathroom, with proper care these items should last for years. Take care of your shower curtains, liners, bathroom rugs and they should last a very long time also.

The best way to save in your bathroom is to follow my helpful suggestions and surely you'll have some of your own and you'll save money, and enjoy your bathroom for many years, yes we can enjoy our bathroom, it is possible, after all it is a very necessary room in our home.

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