Money Saving Tips

Money saving tips, because money doesn't grow on trees. It will stay in your wallet, however, if you employ these excellent tips for spending less and saving more.

While it's certainly true that money doesn't grow on trees, it can swell in your wallet if you are willing to put forth a little effort. The tips offered here are geared to the Internet savvy and those who hate getting ripped off. Suggestions found below won't involve a great deal of sacrifice, but they will help you spend less and save more.

Consider these five tried-and-true money-saving ideas:

DROP NEEDLESS TELEPHONE CHARGES. Most phone companies charge their customers a monthly fee for something called inside wire maintenance. Usually, the tariff for this "service" is between $4 to $6 a month. Let me ask you a question: When's the last time you encountered a problem with the telephone wiring inside your home? Inside wire maintenance is a nonessential expense, so take a few minutes to call and cancel it. Be sure to scrutinize all the add-on charges of your phone bill, as you may be paying for other unrequested items.

TRIM GROCERY BILLS. Valupage is a free online grocery discount service offering a weekly printout of specials at your local supermarket. Simply log on to, print the ValuPage sheet, then present it at checkout once you're done shopping. The store's coupon printer yields "Web bucks," which you can redeem like cash on your next store visit.

ZAP ENERGY EXPENSES. Many utility companies provide off-hour rate plans designed to save participants up to $120 annually in electricity costs. This will require adjusting the time you use high-energy appliances, but it's well worth the small effort. Call your utility provider for information about these cost-saving options.

DINE CHEAPER. Want to cut at least $100 off your eating-out expenses each year? Nearly every city offers some type of two-for-one entree program. Numerous restaurants participate, varying from roadside diners to upscale bistros. Annual membership fees vary, but if you eat out even once a month it's a wise investment. For more information, contact Premiere Dining (800-346-3241) or Entertainment Publications (800-374-4464).

DISCOVER BARGAINS. If you shop over the Internet, you owe it to yourself to check out This excellent, user-friendly Web site provides a free electronic newsletter offering the top deals from online companies. You can save on everything from clothing to computers. The newsletter is personalized and notifies you of the bargains of most interest. Fast, free, and functional, this one is hard to beat.

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