Does The Monolithic Institute Help Home Builders Design Floor Plans?

Does the Monolithic Institute help home builders design floor plans? The Monolithic Institute helps teach people around the world how to build monolithic homes and design floor plans for them. David South...

David South and his brothers have been building monolithic domes since 1975. They hold the patent for the process of building monolithic dome homes and own Monolithic Constructors, Inc and The Monolithic Dome Institute, which is located in Italy, Texas.

The Monolithic Dome Institute was created to be a resource for home builders and homeowners. Its purpose is to teach others how to design and build monolithic domes.
David South elaborates, "I am trying to teach the world how to do this. In fact, we have a new foundation we've have called the Domes for the World Foundation."

The Monolithic Dome Institute holds classes and workshops for home builders. Classes cover dome theory, how to plan a monolithic dome, and building a dome. During the week long class, participants build a dome.

"Four times a year -- April, May, September, and October -- we hold we long classes for people from all over the world. They spend a week with us and we actually build domes together and we go through all of the theories," says David South.

There is a wealth of information available on the Institute's website, www. The Institute publishes information about every aspect of monolithic home building.

The Construction & Training section of the website covers things like how to install an electrical system, installing plumbing, and how to choose the perfect construction site for your dome.

Planning & Design will guide you through everything you need to know in to create your perfect dream home. Ceiling selection, placement and style of doors and windows, and even selection of exterior materials are covered, in depth in this section.

The Monolithic Institute website also provides many downloadable floor plans that you can customize for your use or construct as they are written. Included on the site is a home evaluator to assist you in estimating the cost of building the home of your dreams.

David South tells us, "As a service, we do offer engine architecture design work for houses. People come in and tell us that they want us to design something and I have a small staff that will help me design it." Fees for this service are listed.

Mr. South wants to teach people to build monolithic homes. " I am trying to teach the world how to do this. In fact, we have a new foundation we've have called the Domes for the World Foundation. Our plan is to build a non-profit arm that would go to places like where the tsunamis hit this year and build monolithic dome housing."

The Monolithic Institute builds homes in underdeveloped countries and countries where housing is not affordable to the average person.

"I'm working with a project in Nigeria where they want one million houses that you can move from there to Libya, or move to Nigeria and Kenya or all over South Africa that meet the need for basic housing."

The Monolithic Institute provides many resources for home owners, builders and those who are just curious.

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