Morgan Steel Buildings in Texas

By David Claerr

  • Overview

    Morgan Steel Buildings in Texas
    A common sight on business properties and residential yards in the state of Texas are the unique, portable, steel-walled buildings manufactured by Morgan Buildings and Spas, Inc., headquartered in the Dallas suburb of Garland. The small- to moderate-sized buildings are popular due to their convenience, versatility and modest cost.
  • Building's Description

    A typical Morgan steel building is a single-room structure. The structure is comprised of wood studs and roof trusses that are joined with clench plates to form a highly rigid frame. The frame is mounted on a heavy-duty floor and foundation that rests on a pair of thick wooden skids made from pressure-treated beams. The walls and roof are fashioned from thick-gauge steel sheeting. The solidly integrated building can be set up without a concrete slab and can be easily relocated without any damage to the structure.
  • The Reputation

    Morgan buildings are famed for their strength and long-term durability. Many buildings have been in continuous use for several decades with only minor repairs or maintenance. Morgan portable buildings are able to weather intense storms as well.

  • All-steel Clearspan

    Morgan also has a line of all-steel buildings that are comprised of steel siding and roofs mounted on a tubular steel framework. These clear-span buildings often serve as carports, garages, barns, sheds and large-equipment shelters.
    Clearspan Building
  • Styles and Functions

    Morgan buildings are multipurpose, serving uses from storage sheds, workshops and hobby huts to retail shops, snack bars and garden centers. Styles range from peak-roofed buildings to barns and garages. Morgan buildings can be custom-designed to meet individual needs. Options include insulation, wiring, plumbing and interior finishing. Larger buildings can be partitioned into individual rooms.
  • About Morgan

    Morgan has five manufacturing plants in Texas and neighboring states, and an additional facility in Canada. Founded in 1961, Morgan has also diversified into the modular building industry and the crafting of luxury hot tub spas. Morgan products are sold from company-owned branch stores as factory-direct merchandise, a marketing strategy that keeps costs low.
  • Warranty and Service

    Morgan offers a 40-year limited warranty on its buildings. The portable steel buildings are ready made, and are delivered and installed by Morgan technicians. A Morgan branch store has a sizable lot with many examples of its buildings on the premises available for the customer's perusal. (Morgan also offers all-wood buildings and optional roofing, such as standard composite shingling or standing-seam panels.) Morgan also offers financing on its portable buildings, with the customer's approved credit.
  • Locations outside of Texas

    Morgan has branch stores in several states neighboring Texas, including New Mexico, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Missouri, Mississippi, Arkansas and Tennessee.
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