Mosquito Repellant Methods

Follow these helpful mosquitoes repellant methods to keep the mosquitoes away. Help keep your kids itch-free.

The hot weather months are a fun time for kids. They are naturally drawn to outdoor activities. Unfortunately, it is also prime time for mosquitoes. Mosquitoes seem to be especially attracted to kids' skin. And naturally the more time your children are outside, the more of the annoying itchy bites they get. So, how do you protect them, short of keeping them inside 24 hours a day? Well, there are a few steps you can take to lessen their chances of getting bitten while still allowing them to have outdoor fun.

The first step to proper protection is to know your enemy. Mosquitoes are attracted to darkness, stillness, and dampness. They do not like bright sunlight or wind. So of course the times mosquitoes are most likely to strike are at dusk or right after a rain shower or windy storm. It is rare to find the slow flying insects out for blood on a windy and sunny day. Encourage outside time for the kids earlier in the afternoon or midmorning under sunny skies. If it's been raining, wait for the clouds to clear out before heading out.

And speaking of rain, be careful of standing water anywhere around the yard. Bird baths, wading pools, and outdoor toys or containers that can hold water all provide ideal breeding ground for mosquitoes. If you let the kids use a little pool, be sure to empty the standing water after playtime to prevent a growing mosquito population.

To further avoid contact with mosquitoes, stay away from the darkness and stillness the mosquitoes love. Dress the kids in bright or light clothing. And keep them from playing in damp or dark areas such as a wooded backyard or under a porch or deck. Keep their playthings out in the sunlight and away from fences or walls that might block the wind

And of course, apply a kid-safe bug repellent to exposed skin and clothing before they go outside. And if it's not too hot, opt for clothing that covers more of their skin like long sleeves and pants. And when the inevitable bug bite happens, encourage the kids not to scratch. Be sure to apply a little hydrocortisone cream or calamine lotion, or ask your pharmacist. Sometimes a fun bandage over the bite will help discourage little kids from scratching.

If your mosquito problem really gets out of hand, call your local agriculture extension office or a pest control business for further help. Mosquitoes can be more than just annoying; they can also carry disease. Check with your doctor if a family member becomes ill after being bitten. It is rare, but a mosquito bite can lead to serious illness.

Remember to keep a watchful eye out and follow these tips to keep mosquito problems under control. The less time the kids end up itching, the happier everyone will be. And although you can't avoid all mosquito problems, a little preparation will go a long way in keeping the mosquitoes away. With enough discouragement, the pests will move on to easier targets.

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