Mosquito Repellents

Try these mosquito repellents! How to keep those nasty mosquitos from biting you and ruining your time outdoors.

Mosquitos are a huge nuisance when you want to have some outdoor fun, especially in the evening hours when they are most plentiful. There are many health concerns with mosquitos lately as well with the spread of the West Nile like virus in New York, New Jersey and other places. No matter how much pesticide is sprayed, the little buggers still come out to play but you can keep them at bay with a few easy tips.

Mosquitos breed in stagnant or still water. Take a walk around your yard and look for any puddles, pools, buckets of water, tin cans, anything that has still water in it is a breeding ground for mosquitos. Mosquitos can even lay eggs in your home if you have any standing water, we found baby mosquitos in our bathroom where they had been growing in a small tub of bathtub toys with a bit of water at the bottom. If you live next to a lake or pond, you may have no choice but to have those mosquitos around, but there are things you can do to keep them from biting you.

If you have a lot of mosquitos in your yard or are at an outing where there will be plenty of little blood-suckers flying around, wear light colored clothing. Mosquitos are very attracted to dark colored clothing, which may be the reason why you are getting eaten alive and the person next to you hasn't been bit once. Insect sprays and creams with the ingredient, Deet are quite effective in keeping mosquitos off, but you need to be careful using these on children and it is usually recommended that they be washed off in two hours, sounds scary!

There are some other ways to keep mosquitos off without using poison. Try taking a dryer sheet and rubbing it all over your legs and arms. Bug repellants work by confusing the bugs, they don't make you invisible, but they make you unrecognizable. If you are covered in the scent of dryer sheets, they won't bite. Dryer sheets don't last very long, however and you may have to re-apply after awhile.

Of course, my favorite way to keep the bugs off is the good old screened in tent, but if you want to be outside, do whatever you can to keep the mosquitos off, they can give a nasty bite AND make you sick.

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