Motivate Your Employees To Give Their All

Use these four tips to motivate your employees to improve their performance and strengthen your company.

Have you ever left an assignment for an employee and come back to find it not done? Do you sense that those under you really don't like what they're doing and wouldn't go the extra mile for your company even if you gave them more money? You as employer or manager can change that. It has more to do with your approach then you may think. Here are four tips to motivate them to do all they can for you and you company.

First, learn their names and use them every time you talk to them. You've heard the saying, "the nicest word in the world is your own name." It's true. People think you care when you use their name. It's something individual and makes them feel apart of what you are saying. Your employees will respond better when you view them, as individuals and they know you are aware of what they are doing.

That brings us to the second point. Get to know them. Ask them about how they work best, how they would prefer the working environment, and even, what they enjoy doing in their time off. Get to know them on a personal level. Learn to care for them. If they feel that you care and that when they tell you something you will take it into consideration, they will be more likely to try to improve the working environment too. You will keep employees longer if you try to make the working environment the best place possible. Most of the time people would rather work in a more enjoyable place than do something they don't like for more money.

Third, if you do have to correct an employee, use the sandwich approach. This involves telling the person something good about their performance, asking them to improve something and then telling them something else that they are doing well. I knew one manager who was so good at this that she could just drop a subtle hint about what needed to be improved and the employees would immediately do it. It was amazing to watch. She was always complimenting them, and so they did everything they could to improve their performance to become what she wanted. And that is another fact, people become what you expect of them. If you show that they are good by giving them twice as many compliments as criticism they will strive to improve their worst behavior until these also are above reproach.

And that's where number four comes in, praise liberally. Take the worst worker you have and start to look for things he does right. Praise him on at least one thing he does each day and you will see his performance grow. He will work for those compliments. People need to be stroked. They need to feel like they are doing something important and they are doing it well. When this happens they will fill they must continue to do things well, because you have already pointed out that they can, and since you are the one stroking them they won't want to disappoint you.

If you follow these principles your employees will feel like you care about them, that they matter to the company and that their performance is important, then and only then will they give you their all.

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