What Does Motorcycle Insurance Cover?

What does motorcycle insurance cover? Motorcyle insurance comes with liability and full coverage. You can also get coverage for theft and vandalism. That obviously covers your motorcycle. It can be like...

That obviously covers your motorcycle. It can be like your car insurance. It can cover just your liability for hitting somebody else. With motorcycles, it is not so expensive because if a bike hits a truck, the truck is not going to do too badly. If the truck hits the bike, then the bike is typically not going to do very well.

So, you can get coverage for theft, vandalism, and wrecking it.

Full coverage motorcycle insurance is really not very expensive. It is because motorcycles do not cost a lot of money, especially when compared to a car or something like that. You can buy a 2005 motorcycle. Now when you are talking about a Harley or something that is $25,000-$30,000, then yes, it can get a little bit more expensive. The average motorcycle versus the average car, the motorcycles are a whole lot less expensive. So the coverage isn't real, real bad.

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