Movie drinking games

Love movies? Love drinking? Then you'll love these movie drinking games. Includes games for popular movie genres, as well as specific game-friendly films.

Movie drinking games are a great way to pass a night with some friends.Just gather some drinks, rent a couple movies of the appropriate type, and follow the rules outlined below.It's a great way to spend a double feature!

For all games, the rule is that everyone must drink.Anyone caught not drinking when they're supposed to is penalized by having to drink double, immediately.

The liquor of choice for these games is up to you.Most people prefer to play with beer, malt beverages, or mixed drinks, and many prefer to replace "Drink Twice" instructions with "Drink a Shot" of hard liquor, thus upping the effects of "Drink Twice" moments (which are usually rare, but fun).

James Bond Movies: Drink each time ...

... someone says "James."

... someone says "Bond."

... someone says "007."

... someone says "Moneypenny"

... someone uses a letter as a name ("Q", "M", etc.)

... Bond orders a drink "shaken, not stirred."

... Bond uses one of Q's gadgets.

... Bond kills someone.Drink twice if it's a major villain.

... Bond sleeps with someone.Drink twice if she is a villain.

Horror Movies: Drink each time ...

... someone dies.Drink twice if it's a cop or other authority figure.

... someone has sex.Drink twice if someone REFUSES sex.

... whenever there's onscreen nudity.Drink twice if it's female.

... you can see the killer, but the characters cannot.

... the killer is wounded, but not killed.

... someone screams.Drink twice if it's a male.

... there's a "false scare" (a cat jumping off a shelf, etc.).

... the power goes out just before the killer arrives.

... the car won't start at a crucial moment.

... the gun runs out of bullets at a crucial moment.

... a character trips or falls while being chased.

... the "dead" killer gets up for one final scare

Zombie Movies: Drink each time ...

... a human gets bitten.

... a named character becomes a zombie.

... someone kills a named character zombie.

... someone explains how to kill a zombie (i.e., "aim for its head!")

... fire is used to frighten or kill a zombie.

... someone shoots a zombie in the head.

... someone uses an unorthodox weapon (guitar case, beer stein, human limb, etc.), and it works.

... the zombies dine on human flesh.Drink twice if the victim is dismembered.

Big-Budget Summer Action Movies: Drink each time ...

... a city is threatened with destruction.Drink twice if it's New York, London, or Paris.

... a recognizable landmark is damaged or destroyed.Drink twice if it's the Statue of Liberty, Big Ben, or the Eiffel Tower.

... a child or animal is saved from imminent danger.

... someone refers to someone else as "sir."

... someone assembles a team.Drink twice if they actually say "we've assembled a team."

... someone explains a piece of technology.

... there's a recruiting, training, or preparations montage.

... someone has sex. Drink twice if it's Ben Affleck.

... the soundtrack breaks into rock music.

... the action drops into slow-motion.

... someone removes a shirt or coat, revealing a white undershirt/bra.

... the original plan goes wrong.Drink twice if someone dies when it does.

... a character sacrifices themselves to save the day.Drink twice if it's a minority character.Drink three times if it's a foreigner.

... the hero kisses the girl.Drink twice if it's just before the climactic scene..

In addition, here are a some simple film-specific games.They have few rules and lots of opportunities to drink!

Alien (and its sequels): Drink whenever a '"face-hugger" latches onto someone.Drink twice when an alien hatches out of someone's stomach.Drink whenever someone dies.Drink twice when Ripley kills an alien.

Battlefield Earth: Drink whenever the story becomes incoherent.[WARNING: not for lightweights.]

Blazing Saddles: Drink whenever someone swears or utters a racial slur.Drink twice if it's Slim Pickens.

Die Hard (or its sequels): Drink whenever someone says "fuck."

Ferris Beuller's Day Off: Drink whenever someone says "Ferris" or "Beuller."

Strange Brew: Drink whenever someone says "eh" or "hoser."

The Three Amigos: Drink whenever someone says "El Guapo."

The X-Men, or its sequel: Drink whenever someone uses a codename ("Wolverine," "Cyclops," etc.); drink twice if it's "Professor X."Also, drink each time Professor X says "Eric" or Magneto says "Charles."

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