How Much Do Air Purifiers Cost?

How much do air purifiers cost? Air purifiers range in price from under 100 dollars to over 500 dollars. Michael Doman, Sales Manager for Austin Air System from Buffalo, New York, has an annoying habit:...

Michael Doman, Sales Manager for Austin Air System from Buffalo, New York, has an annoying habit: ask him for prices pf his air purifier products, and he seems to evade a direct reply. "We are trying to stand behind our products", he replies. "Warranties matter more than prices for our product category".

The Federal Trade Commission seems to agree with Michael! This important arm of government warns people to study warranties before they purchase a major product. Air purifiers cost modest sums of money. A $300 model will take care of as much as 700 square feet, and even one which is fitted with a special filter that can take care of the most harmful chemicals, will set you back by no more than $550, and can cover about 1500 square feet. That is extraordinary value for a purchase that can improve the quality of air you breathe at home. We should be grateful that air purifier manufacturers are so reasonable about the prices they charge for products that safeguard something as crucial as family wellness.

But hang on for a minute! What if your air purifier does not function to specifications? Do you have a laboratory to measure the particles that it is able to remove? Do you have recourse if it makes a noise or if it interferes with your power supply? Will the money you save by preferring an unknown brand be worthwhile if the manufacturer is not available to provide a prompt and effective solution for any issue that may crop up with respect to your purchase?

Not every company cares for its customers the way Austin Air Systems does, and some engage clever attorneys who draft warranties to 'sell you down the river!' The Federal Trade Commission has the following points for you to keep in mind when you choose a particular brand of a product such as an air purifier:

1. Check the duration of each warranty, and conditions in which it becomes void.

2. Is it clear who are you supposed to contact if you need service?

3. Will the company give you an immediate replacement or a refund if your unit is defective, or must you wait for it to be repaired?

4. Will you have to pay some labor and transport charges for repairs?

5. Are there other limitations to the warranty, such as blaming you for wrong use to evade responsibility?

So Michael Doman appears to be right! $300-550 is not worth discussing for keeping air free of particles and hazardous chemicals for years together in an entire room. Questions marks on warranties, escape clauses that harm your interests and verbal assurances that are not backed by written contracts, can on the other hand, give you polluted and anxious days and nights as you fight to get an air purifier that works or your money back! So question your air purifier sales person about warranty details and read the fine print, rather than haggle about the price!

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