How Much Attic Insulation Do I Need In My Home?

How much attic insulation do I need in my home? R-30 is very cost effective. There are different types that require different amounts, like blow in or fiber glass. You can do a great deal of very cost effective...

You can do a great deal of very cost effective insulation in the attic. I would suggest that R-30 is probably a good amount of insulation for the attic. R-30 stands for the depth of the amount of insulation. You can use either cellulose or blown-in insulation. There are also the sheet type rolls of insulation. Of course, it will depend on the type of insulation that you use as to exactly how many inches. There are various types. Generally speaking, if you cannot see the rafters, then you have got a good layer of insulation up there. It is not that expensive to blow in some insulation. If you are so inclined, lay out the pink panther stuff, the fiber glass insulation. Go up to your attic, literally with a ruler, and measure the amount of insulation you have. However, be careful. Pick a season that will not hurt you. I caution you to stay out of the attic in the summer. Getting into the hottest part of summer, the last thing you want to do is get up in that attic. If you are not used to working in temperatures on average of 100 degrees, you want to be very, very careful of entering into your attic during the summer. It is extremely hot up there, and you would be amazed how dangerous it can be in that environment. If you do decide to tackle insulation in the attic, do it when it is cooler outside, never do it alone, and keep adequately hydrated.

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