How Much Can I Save On My Energy Cost By Cleaning The Air Conditioning System?

How much can I save on my energy cost by cleaning the air conditioning system? Learn how much money you can save by cleaning your air conditioning system. "Every house and its air purification system is...

"Every house and its air purification system is different," avers the cautious Sylvia Crunk. She owns Aire Serv in Austin Texas. This company is dedicated to air purification systems, and is known for top quality customer service. Sylvia does not believe in hype and we can count on her for honest advice and for accurate information. "Watch out for sudden jumps in your energy bills" is her useful tip. Sylvia has experience of home owners getting energy bills with even 5-fold jumps. On the other hand, families which have their air ducts cleaned may be fortunate enough to receive up to 50% discounts from their earlier levels of charges for energy. The quantum of decrease varies depending upon a number of factors, but it is generally substantial.

The National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) has convincing evidence of the role air duct cleaning can play in controlling spiraling energy costs. It appears that accumulated dirt and grime can act as impediments to air flow, resulting in lower Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM) for a given quantum of energy. Sophisticated tests with computers used by Aire Serv show that air ducts may also have leaks which lead to a loss of transmission efficiency. The latter is a pointer to an even greater threat than high energy bills.

All dirt in air ducts may not be firmly fixed to linings and buckets. Shafts of light passed through these systems may even show colonies of allergens and pollutants suspended in the air inside ducts. Such harmful contaminants have free access through grills right in to the respiratory passages of our children and adults as well. You may not make the connection right away, but poor indoor air quality can result in general ill-health, apart from allergies and asthma. Such medical conditions can affect learning in children and productivity in adults. The real cost of dirty air ducts may lie in health effects more than in energy bills!

There is no reason to live with high energy costs and with poor indoor air quality. All home owner needs is a maintenance contract with a reliable and certified service provider. These contracts are most affordable and provide high value in the long run for home owners. Air duct cleaning may take no more than 15 minutes provided that maintenance crews have unhindered access to the system as soon as they arrive. The service is so convenient, economical and advantageous, that no home in the United States should be deprived of the facility. The growing incidence of allergic complaints and the global imperative to control energy consumption are powerful engines for Nada's efforts and those of sincere professionals such as Sylvia Crank to promote consumer awareness about air duct cleanliness.

Keep your air ducts clean through a reliable and professional service provider and enjoy optimal energy bills and freedom from poor air quality in your home. It could be the most profitable investment you have ever made-after all, what can matter more than your children's wellness?

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