How Much Money Does a Credit Counselor Make?

By Kat Consador

  • Overview

    How Much Money Does a Credit Counselor Make?
    Consumer credit counselors can help people handle their money more effectively. Credit counselors act as financial teachers for clients that need help with their credit. Many people have good intentions but have difficulty paying their bills on time. It's up to the credit counselors to aid their clients in making better financial decisions.
  • Function

    Credit counselors advise their customers on how to use their credit wisely. Some credit counselors work in businesses involved in giving credit, such as loan agencies, credit unions, banks or large stores. Other credit counselors work freelance or within nonprofit agencies that solely advise people on how to handle their money. These counselors often work with people who are facing bankruptcy or foreclosure because they have accumulated more debt than they can handle.
  • Education

    The minimum education for credit counselors is high school and training. Many organizations will require a 4-year degree, as well as certification and accreditation by the nationally recognized National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC). Organizations may also seek those in business or finance-related fields.

  • Average Median Salary

    The average median salary for a credit counselor is $34,436 per year. Salaries vary depending on location, experience and education.
  • Rate by Experience

    The median hourly rate for someone with 20 or more years of experience is $17.80 per hour. For those who have less than 1 year experience, the hourly rate is $13.48 per hour.
  • Rate by City

    The highest median hourly rate by city is San Francisco at $15.55 per hour. The lowest median hourly rate by city is $11.96 per hour in Pittsburgh.
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