How Much Swimming Practice Is Required To Get To The Olympics?

How much swimming practice is required to get to the Olympics? Information on the amount of swimming practice required to compete on a national level. It is a full time job. It is a life commitment. It...

It is a full time job. It is a life commitment. It is nutrition, dry land training, water training, how much you study, and your friends. It's everything that you can imagine. So that really is a full time job. It goes beyond that because everything you do in your life is actually training as far as the distance of training how much a swimmer would swim. That's training for the Olympics. Different events will require different levels of training. The training can range anywhere from five miles to 15 miles everyday, six and sometimes seven days a week, plus lifting legs, six and seven days a week, work in varying muscles groups with that plus dry land which would be abdominal muscles or stretching or stretch sports. It requires 6-7 hours of training a day. So it's a full time job.

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