Must Read Kids Short Stories

Some classic children's stories your kids will love and learn from greatly.

We will introduce the titles and characters of just a few stories and the fundamental morale to each story that your children can learn.

The first classic story is that of the Three Little Pigs.

There are three pigs, all brothers, and a wolf that is out to eat them. They each have a somewhat slovenly plan for dealing with the wolf but one. The pig that builds the sturdiest house for protection saves his brothers and himself. The morale is to do things wisely and trust what can surely be trusted; the extra work is worth it.

The second tale is that of Hansel and Gretel.

A lengthy story including the two children Hansel and Grettel, their father, their wicked step mother who wants to get rid of the children and a wicked witch as well, Hansel and Grettel teaches us that our children are our treasure and our hope for the future. It will show your children you love them and to love their own some day.

The tale of The Country Mouse and The City Mouse.

Two mice, one cousin to the other, each envy the other's lifestyle. But once they switch places they don't feel the same and miss their former life. The morale of course is that the grass isn't always greener on the other side of the fence; you must learn to love the life you have and appreciate it even more.

The Tortoise and the Hare.

The Tortoise and the Hare is a story about a race between a very slow creature, namely a tortoise or turtle, and a fast animal which was a hare or a rabbit. Naturally the rabbit should win but though he was fast he had a poor attitude and so he slept. The morale is slow and steady wins the race. The slowness allows for more certainty.

The Beauty and the beast, a love story for kids.

Showing love isn't based only on appearances a lovely beauty and a horrible beast fall in love.

Prince Charming and Pretty Princess Goldilocks.

The prince and princess were eventually married as every obstacle including a king who was married to her at one time were removed. There are many lessons here including that faithfulness is eventually rewarded and love conquers all.

The bible story of David and Goliath.

In the Old Testament there is the story of David who beat Goliath in a match to the death. The morale is that a good little man can beat a bad big man.

The love story of Rapunzel is one in which love truly conquers all. It even heals her true love's blinded eyes.

Snow white and the seven dwarfs.

This story turned classic film about a beautiful woman named Snow White and seven dwarfed men, each of their own unique imperfection, teaches us that love looks beyond the physical and the material and we are all to be appreciated as we are.

Further research for parents.

Further research can be done by eager parents to find other classics of varied religions, nationalities and authors by searching on the web for "children's books", "children's classics" and "children's short stories" using many of the popular search engines.

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