Nail Polish And Accessories: The Importance Of Toe Separators

Toe separators make pedicures easier. They help protect fresh nail polish as it dries. Learn how to use them and why they are necessary when painting your toe nails.

A good manicure and pedicure are essential in making a woman feel pampered. The ideal is that we all have the luxury of being able to go to an upscale salon and get all the perks of having a professional manicure and pedicure. But let's face it ladies, this is the real world. So we must learn to pamper ourselves.

To give yourself a good quality pedicure it is important to learn about toe separators. Toe separators can be bought at almost any store and cost very little. They make a lot of difference in the finished product. Toe separators provide easy access to all areas of the toe nails. This is great when you need to trim a nail or file one down.

Anyone familiar with the French pedicure will almost assuredly find a good toe separator a must. To do a French pedicure you must deal with strips and different sorts of polishes. They also take a long time to dry. Toe separators keep the toes from touching and make it easier to use the little strips for separating the different polishes. Thus, toe separators save time and help you be more precise with these sorts of pedicures.

Those of you that have given yourself pedicures know that without a good toe separator you almost need another set of hands to hold your toes apart. The toe separator is, so to speak, that third set of hands.

Also, they are very important in protecting freshly painted toe nails while they dry. Some polishes take quite a while, the above mentioned French pedicure being one of them. Toes tend to rub each other and toe separators help cure that problem so that you aren't going back to do touch-ups when you realize your second toe has scuffed the polish off your big toe. This can be very frustrating. It would be very difficult to sit there and hold your toes apart while the nails dry. Most people don't like to do a job twice. Toe separators eliminate this in most cases.

I know that some of you may have been used to sticking cotton between your toes, or even worse using nothing at all. When you use cotton you run the risk of the stuff getting stuck to one of your freshly painted toe nails. Cotton pulls apart too easily and can mess up a good pedicure. Then you can either go through the whole process again or walk around with scuffed toe nails. That sort of defeats the purpose of the pedicure. A proper toe separator is usually made of foam and is flexible yet it does not fall apart like cotton. Toe separators are very comfortable and do a superior job whether you are polishing or just trimming your nails. So if you still use cotton or have never tried one you should.

Toe separators are an essential part of any woman's beauty regime. They are time saving little devices. They help make pampering yourself a whole lot easier.

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