How to Name a Star

By Larry Parr

  • Overview

    Anyone can name a star and register that name with one of the companies that sell star names. Some companies charge as much as $50 to register a name that you choose for one of "their" stars. You will receive a certificate to frame that includes your star's name, a booklet with the names of the constellations and a map showing where "your" star is. While naming a star through one of the star naming registries may be a fun or romantic thing to do, it should be remembered that the name you choose has no significance in the astronomical world and is really only valid at the company that sold you the name. Many companies also publish your star's new name in a hard cover book.
    • Step 1

      Contact an online star name registries service (see Resources below) Compare prices as costs can vary greatly between the different registries.
    • Step 2

      Choose a name for your star. Many people choose the name of a loved one. Virtually any name can be used with the exception of obscene names or names that violate copyright laws.

    • Step 3

      Follow the simple directions on the website for registering a name for a star. Decide if you wish a star that is visible to the naked eye and which part of the sky you wish your star to be in. Most star registries allow you to choose the astrological house that your star is in or the constellation that your star is in.
    • Step 4

      Pay your fee and print your certificate. Many companies allow you to print a special message at the top of your certificate, along with your star's name, making the certificate special and unique. Your star's new name appears in the company's registry and database permanently and many companies publish your star's location and new name on their website for several days.
    • Skill: Easy
    • Tip: Stars can make great anniversary, birthday or Valentine's Day gifts.
    • Warning:
    • The name you give your star is not recognized by the International Astrological Union, the scientific body with gives stars their official names.

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