Napkin Rings Craft

These napkins rings make great gifts for the holiday. This craft is easy for adults and kids!


3-18"long, 3" wide torn strips of assorted fabrics

5 minute crafts glue


Small Wood decoration

Spray Paint (Optional)


Spray paint wood decoration if needed. Allow to dry. Once dry, apply varnish to the front and edges of wood decoration.

Sew the tails of the three strips together.

Braid the strips together. Tie the ends together and trim to about 1 1/2.

Form a circle with the braided length, leaving it loose yet overlapping each other.

Sew the braid at the overlap. Glue woods chip on top of the overlap.

Your napking ring is now finished. You can now slide your napkins through the rings and place around your dinner table.

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