Native American Children And Home School

Indian children are being homeschooled this year. A guide to causes of this as well as methods to help these kids.

Over the month of September millions of children returned to school. Yet, there were also a lot of children who stayed home instead. This is thanks to a growing movement among American Indian parents to home school their children. Do not fear! These children will still grow to become articulate, mature, and very well educated adults. For this reason, many people fully support the effort that is being made by home schooling parents. In fact many people even believe that home schooling does a better job than the tradition school system does when it comes to teaching children how to be both creative and independent.

According to the Native American Home School Association (NAHSA) in Virginia, home schooling is becoming quite popular with Native American households because modern life is breaking down family ties. This started quite some time ago when the United States government started placing Native Americans on reservations in an attempt to break up tribal communities. At the same time, the government also began sending these children off to Christian boarding schools wherein abuse ran rampant. For this reason, Native families are now feeling empowered by the ability to home school their children since the curriculum will not interfere with their values and culture.

Many Native Americans feel strongly about this since they are able to remember how embarrassed they were, as children, to admit that they were Native American because of what they were being taught in history classes. Unfortunately, these classes were teaching them that they were savage Indians. This caused a real sense of shame in many of these children, even though their families took great pride in their culture. It was just that since these history classes were teaching them that they were savages, they really did not want anyone to know that they were Native American which is a shame.

Currently, NAHSA is working on a curriculum which would help to support parents' home schooling efforts. This will hopefully occur soon as the movement is rapidly growing and currently there is no "typical" home schooling day. Nevertheless, these parents feel that they have a big, important job in teaching their children those skills which will be very important in their futures. Not only do they wish to teach their children these skills, but they also wish to teach them about their forefathers people, customs, language and traditions. Home schooling helps them to work with their children on a daily basis to teach them these important skills and lessons. Many parents also wish for their children to learn how to fish, hunt, prepare food, help the elders with their community, and about traditional medicines, just to name a few of these skills. After teaching these skills, the parents then concentrate upon academics and computers.

There are a lot of people who truly believe that there is a lot more to an education than mere academics. These people would surely be amazed at how these Native Americans take their children into the woods and teach them to respect the environment. A lot of environmentalists, who are also parents, may even go so far as to say that such an education about the environment is so much more important than pure academics alone.

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