Natural Hair Care Ideas

Natural hair care that can be done in the privacy of your own home for a fraction of the cost of salon treatments.

Many men and women spend tons of money in beauty salons for simple things they can do at home with a little time and research. The benefits are not only the money saved but also the convenience and privacy of doing it in your own home. However, the idea of home beauty care conjures up images for some of Lucy Ricardo in the episode where she wrecks her hair before her big night out.

First is eyebrow or mustache waxing. I recommend getting a buddy to help with this one. Depilatory wax is sold over the counter at any drug store and can be heated in a crock-pot filled with water or in the microwave. Just be sure to test on your finger before applying to the skin around your eye. The wax should be very warm, not hot. Apply the wax to the unwanted hair, then apply a strip of cheesecloth over it and gently press. Wait a few moments for the wax to harden then quickly remove the strip. Pulling too slowly causes unnecessary discomfort.

Second is conditioning treatments. You can get the packets or containers of cholesterol or deep conditioning formulas at beauty supply stores or use warm (not hot) olive oil. Apply the conditioner of your choice, and then wrap in a warm towel that you can heat in the microwave (again test for heat before applying). Leave on while you relax or have a cup of coffee and then wash or rinse your hair (if you use the oil you may want to shampoo). This will give you shiny renewed hair for pennies a treatment.

Next are highlights. If you are going for an all out color change, going to a salon would be preferable unless you know what you are doing, but its easy to add a glossy sheen to hair that has not been colored. Simply buy an over the counter highlight or "hair painting" kit, which comes with full instructions and an applicator brush. Or if you just want to add some shine, mix up a batch of lemon juice, apply and go sit out on your patio in the sun for a while.

If you like long, stylish nails you would do well to learn to do them yourself to save tons of money in professional maintenance.

Facials can also be done using ingredients from the fridge. Try an mashed avacodo mask to moisturize, egg white to decrease oil and cucumbers to refresh tired eyes.

Last, but most importantly is style. Armed with as supply of hot rollers and some styling gel, you can create a variety of looks. If you have a roommate, or a hairstyle buddy, you can try looks like the "French braid" or cornrows on each other. If your hair is short, add some volume with a few small rollers or spike it up a little with some gel. Add accents like beads and barrettes that you can purchase at the local dollar store and you have a multitude of possibilities. Books on hair styling can be found at the library or local books store. Have a styling party and invite friends over to lend their expertise. The more ideas you share, the more possibilities you have for your "home salon".

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