Natural Hair Rinses

Instead of lying down money to purchase hair rinses at the local drug store, there are natural herbs and products right in your own kitchen to make the best rinses

When the hair and scalp is damaged by environmental factors such as pollutants, heat, dry indoor air, permanents, dyes and strong shampoos, a good healthy hair rinse can be the anwser to bring the life back into one's hair.

Because the scalp supplies that hair with the protein and nutrients through a network of blood vessels, the most effective hair rinses act directly on the scalp than on the hair shafts themselves. One of the two types of rinses are chemical and natural. Natural rinses are more prefered because they act as stimulates, and help the circulation in the scalp rather than just coating the hair with a protective chemical film active.

Natural hair rinses also repair damaged hair by strengthening it and giving it a more fresh appearance. They nourish the hair follicules and promote healthy growth.

To apply a natural rinse, do the same preparation as if you were boiling tea. Pour one cup of boiling water over a teaspoon of herbs. Steep for ten minutes, then strain. Massage into scalp gently and evenly, leave it on the hair without rinsing and then dry your hair with a dry soft towel. Avoid blow drying if possible.

A couple rinses that will bring back the natural shine and body to your hair are:

Sage rinses, sage helps reduce the buildup of oil on the scalp and promotes healthier hair. Use this rinse after shampooing for three weeks.

Birch Leaf Rinse; When used regularly, this hair rinse will help to maintain the health of the scalp and may even be a good choice to help prevent hair loss. It also keeps hair soft and gives it a silky sheen. Warning: On blonde hair it will darken it.

Chamomile Rinse; This rinse sooths and heals the scalp and gives hair a silky sheen. It is also good to lighten blonde highlights.

Linden Flower Rinse; This rinse is helpful for over stressed and dried out hair. It also promotes circulation in the scalp and makes hair grow more healthier.

Other hints and guidelines to maintain a healthy scalp and silky sheen:

Rinse hair with beer to add shine and body. Once a month use a can of flat beer. After applying beer rinse, you can rinse off with warm, not hot, water. The beer acts as a natural setting lotion, giving blown dried hair increased vitality, resilience and hold. The vitamin B in it and natural sugar add the body and shine.

Sesame oil to reduce sun damage. Massage a few tablespoons of this oil into your hair and scalp before going out into the sun for prolong periods. Sesame oil includes a natural SPF of about 2.5. For added protection, use ten drops of carrot seed essential oil, which is quite high in antioxidants.

For those split ends, rub olive oil into the ends of hair 2-3 times per week. For best results leave the oil on overnight and wash out in the morning.

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