All Natural Homeopathic Weight Loss Supplements

Can a non-toxic pill that looks and tastes like sugar solve your weight and diet problems? Homeopathy might be exactly what you need.

Would you love to have someone tell you that you can take a couple of sugar pills daily and you'll find the willpower to lose weight?Homeopathic aids for weight loss can be the answer, and a real help to your dieting efforts.

Samuel Hahnemann, who was researching malaria treatments, discovered homeopathy in the early 1800s. He used an approach similar to modern day inoculations:He gave the patient a minute amount of an herb or mineral that would--in larger doses--cause the same ailment that he was treating.

Over many years, Hahnemann found that homeopathy worked well in such minute amounts, a chemist could barely detect the powerful herb or mineral in the sugar pill that contained it.

Since that time, homeopathy has been a preferred medical approach in the U.K. and in Europe, especially among royalty.In the U.S. and Canada, homeopathy has recently gained in popularity, especially for weight loss.

Homeopathy treats symptoms rather than the specific disease.So, a homeopathic physician will ask you what makes you feel better or worse, related to your physical complaint.Once he's narrowed the symptoms to just a few, he may ask you to try one homeopathic remedy for a few days.If it doesn't help, he may add another remedy, or change your treatment altogether.

It's rarely smart to self-medicate when you are ill.And, to discover the best homeopathic remedy for your weight loss challenges, you'll get the best results if you consult a health care professional.The information in this article is not a substitute for qualified medical care.

In the field of homeopathy, several leading remedies can help with weight loss.The names of homeopathic products are usually in Latin, and often abbreviated on the label.

These are some of the more popular remedies that you can find at many pharmacies and health food stores.Most of them help your diet efforts by balancing your metabolism and general digestion.

Ferr. phos. is an all-purpose tissue salt that can help if you are feeling cranky on a diet.If you are trying to lose weight in connection with hormonal changes, such as menopause, this is a good remedy to try first.

Coffea cruda is a good choice if you're feeling "on edge" and little things bother you more than usual.Another indication for Coffea cruda is you have insomnia.Finally, this remedy may be recommended if feel flushed when others feel comfortable, yet going outside makes you feel worse, not better.

Calcarea carbonica is used in cases that are similar to Coffea cruda, with one very important exception:Calcarea carbonica is preferred if your eyelids feel stuck together when you wake up, if your nose is runny, or if you have a slight discharge from your ears.This remedy can also help if you're feeling lightheaded while dieting, but your nutritional level is good.

Calcarea carbonica is generally more popular than Coffea cruda, but it's important to be guided by your symptoms.

If a craving for sweets is your worst diet problem, Argentum nitricum or Lycopodium Clavatum can help immediately.Try one; if it doesn't work, try the other after a few hours.The homeopathic remedy Sulphur is a third choice if the other two don't help; it's one of the most popular treatments for many ailments, too.

On the other hand, if you want to snarl at the next person who asks you about your diet or reminds you not to eat too much, Antimonium crudum may be the best remedy.It's especially useful if your irritability is accompanied by flatulence or belching, you're noticing more blemishes than usual, and you crave sour foods and vinegar.

If you've been feeling anxious or especially sad lately, Ignatia Amara might be helpful.It's the first choice if you're someone who eats when nervous or agitated.If you've noticed that you're sighing a lot and don't know why, this is another indication that Ignatia can help.

Sulphuricum Acidum may help if you keep eating, even after you're full.It's especially advised if you're someone who tends to rush through everything, trying to fit more into your day.

These are just a few of the most popular homeopathic remedies that can help when you're on a diet.

If you're confused by the wide scope of this subject, you can buy combinations of homeopathic remedies for specific purposes. There are several mixtures sold for use with diets; your health food store probably has some.Many people have success with them, although classical homeopathy insists that only one remedy is ever necessary or appropriate.

Because the active homeopathic ingredient can be one one-millionth of the sugar pill that it's in, this is one of the safest pharmaceutical areas.You can combine homeopathic treatments with traditional medicine, and many doctors do.Nearly half of all doctors in France, Holland, and the U.K. have recommended homeopathy or believe that it is an effective treatment.

The low price of many homeopathic remedies--under $5 in many cases--makes this especially attractive if you'd like help with your diet.Homeopathic remedies are available over-the-counter, since they are generally non-toxic.

However, you'll get the best results if you consult someone who has studied the thousands of homeopathic choices that are available.

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